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The Elemental Blades are a set of four weapons from the Ninjago theme formerly wielded by Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane.


The ninja received the Elemental Blades-and restored Elemental Powers-at the Temple of Light, where they used them to infuse Lloyd with pure Elemental Power in preparation for his unlocking the power of The First Spinjitzu Master within himself. The blades would also allow the ninja to at last begin battling the Stone Army, whom they had previously been helpless against. They would continue to use the blades throughout the remainder of the conflict against the Overlord, up until his apparent demise at the hands of Lloyd. Afterwards, believing they no longer needed the blades or their powers, the ninja discarded them, and they were subsequently obtained by a ninja fan who started his own museum, to the annoyance of Dr. Saunders. Despite this, a replica of one of the Elemental Blades was later given to a statue of General Kozu for the Ninjago Museum of History's Hall of Villains exhibit, and became one of the Departed Blades after being infused with Sensei Yang's magic.