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The Four Paths is a game on It is part of the Ninjago theme.


In The Four Paths, one must master each of the four elements of Spinjitzu. The menu has four large buttons, one for each element. Each element has a different game (path). The fire path, which is called "Fire Dash", takes place in Kai's Blacksmith Shop. The object of this game is to avoid the sparks coming from above. The earth path, which is called "Rocky Road", takes place on the Mountain of Impossible Height. In this game, the object is to get as high as possible without falling. The lightning path, which is called "Flash Dance", takes place on the rooftops of a Ninjago village. The object of this game is to avoid the electrical sparks. The ice path, which is called "Slippery Slope", takes place on Slip-n-Slide Mountain. The purpose of this game is to get as high up on the mountain as possible.

Points are accumulated differently in each game. In "Fire Dash" and "Flash Dance", it is measured in the amount of time elapsed before the player's health is depleted. In the other two games, it is measured in height covered. In each game, there are two things that help the player advance in score. In every level, coins give the player one thousand points for each collected. It is not necessary to get each one of them, but it is a useful means of gaining extra points. The other thing is a sheep. When it appears in "Fire Dash" and "Flash Dance", it bleats, forcing the sparks out of the screen. In "Rocky Road" and "Slippery Slope", it increases the height of the player's jump when he or she lands on it. In each game, the player plays as each of the four ninja, respective of their individual elements. However, they are not in their ninja gear; instead they are wearing their regular clothes.


  • "Fire Dash" and "Flash Dance" resemble each other, and "Rocky Road" and "Slippery Slope" resemble each other.
  • In "Fire Dash", the sparks come from nothing in particular. In "Flash Dance", the electrical sparks come from lanterns that have been struck by lightning.
  • In all the games, the mouse is the controller.
  • It is impossible to beat the entire game; the point is to rack up as many points as possible.