The LEGO® Story
The LEGO® Story17:10

The LEGO® Story


Kim Pagel


Kim Pagel
Thomas Pagel


Ania de Sa Madsen
Helene Schjott
Kim Ace Nielson

Running time:

17 minutes, 10 seconds

First released/aired:

August 10, 2012



The LEGO® Story is an animated movie based on the story of how Ole Kirk Christiansen started The LEGO Group. The story starts in the year 1932 and ends in the year 1968, before returning back to present day. It was released on August 10, 2012 to celebrate LEGO's 80th anniversary.


  • It is one of few LEGO-related media to include expletives, as the shopowner on the England Ferry says "Damn this industry!".

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