Eris: [humming]
[net flying towards Eris]
Eris: Ah!
[Eris falls towards the ground]
Ravens: -cawing-
Eris: -groaning-
Eris: Cragger? What are you doing?
Cragger: Me? Nothing much. Destroying the lions, seizing the precious Chi, and avenging my parents, why? What are you up to?
Eris: Begging you to stop this, please, before someone gets hurt!
Cragger: Yeah, about that...
[raven attatches Eris to vehicle]
Cragger: Too late.
Laval: It's gotta be around here somewhere.
[opens closet, Sir Punchalot falls onto Laval]
Laval: Sir Punchalot! Now is not the time. But then again...
[punching Sir Punchalot]
Laval: I'm really late now! We'll finish this later, Sir P. Where is that harness? Ah! Right where I left it.
Lagravis:Glad you could make it for the most important moment of your life.
Laval: Sorry, dad. This [?] distracted me.
Lagravis: You only reach the age of becoming once, son.
Laval: I know, dad.
Lagravis: Today, you stop acting like a little cub, and become a true Lion.
Laval: I know that too, dad.
Lagravis: A true warrior, who will lead this whole tribe someday.
Laval: I... I'll make you proud, dad.
[[[Lagravis]] picks up Chi orb]
Laval: Whoa.
Lagravis: My son Laval, for the first time, you shall take an orb of Chi. Place it in your chest, and feel the power of nature itself. The old mighty life force, of Chi.
[[[Lagravis]] hands Laval the Chi]
Laval: Awesome... Uh, I mean... For Chima!
[Lions: -cheering-]
[crashing noise, sudden shaking, causing Laval to drop his Chi]
Laval:: My Chi!
Lagravis: What in the name of Cavora, is that?
Leonidas [?]: Crocodiles! Wolves! Ra-a-a-a-avens!
[raven picks up Leonida's and drops him in a tree]
Lagravis: Defend the temple, protect the Chi!
Laval: Just let me get my Chi!
[[[Cragger]] picks up the Chi]
Croc: -snickers-
Laval: Hey!
[[[Cragger]] picks up more Chi, then runs away]
Laval:Get away from my Chi! Noo!
[fighting continues, Croc jumps on Speedor and darts off]
Laval: Gotta get my Speedor!
[chasing after Croc]
Laval: Look out! Comin' through! Now where'd you go with my Chi? Ah, there you are.
[[[Laval]] jumps on a croc vehicle, and then another croc]
Laval: Here's a tip for you, and you!
[chasing after Croc]
Laval: Woohoo! Hey, where'd he go? Hmm. Tree, plant, tree, tree, and crocodile!
[going uphill]
Laval: It's all downhill from here, croc. Literally. Woohoo!
Croc: Who let the cat out?
Laval: Drop the Chi, swamp boy.
Croc: Never!
Laval: Just like a mud lover, let's do this the messy way.
Croc: -snarls-
Laval: -growls-
Croc: Time to fry some bird! [?]
Laval: Woohoo!
[both collide into each other, sending both into the air]
Both: W-h-o-a!
Croc: [falls] Ow. I think I bit my tounge.
[Laval swoops in from above]
Laval: Haha! Croc, meet foot!
Croc: Lion, meet spear!
[fighting, Cragger slicing trees]
Laval: What'd those trees ever do to you?
[bird nest falls, Laval catches it]
Laval: Uh oh! [setting it down] Awww..
[Laval jumps backwards, striking Cragger, sending both weapons over a nearby cliff]
Laval: Ugh! [pushes both down cliff] Mind if I take this tail out for a spin!
Croc: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
[Laval picks up sword, runs towards Croc]
Laval: Now, surrender, theif!
[Croc's helmet falls off, to reveal the theif is Cragger]
Laval: Cragger? Cragger? Is that you? Cragger!
Cragger: -moaning-
Laval: Cragger? Cragger, where are you?
Cragger: Roar! [pounces on Laval]
Laval: Ha ha! Hey, hey, the game is called Hide and Seek, not Hide and Attack!
Cragger: Oh, you and your rules. Don't you lions ever just want to improvise?
Laval: Sure! In fact, our tribe has very specific rules about improvising.
Cragger: Gah. Of course, more rules. What's this one called?
Laval: 'Banana'!
Cragger: 'Banana'? 'Banana' what?
Laval: 'Banana on the Crocodile's Tail'!
Cragger: [turns around] Huh?
Gorzan: Mmm... munchies! Thanks, croc-a-dude!
Cragger: What? Put me down, Gorzan!
[Gorzan and Laval laugh]
Laval: That's another point for me, you mouthy mud lover!
Cragger: Oh, go cough up a hairball, you overgrown cat!
[Eris swoops in]
Eris:: Nice one, Laval! Not only did you find Cragger, but Gorzan too!
Laval: And Rogon!
[Rogon steps out from behind a rock]
Rogon: Ha ha! The old 'Banana on the Crocodile's Tail' rule! That's so funny, ha ha ha... I don't get it.
Laval: The only one missing is Worriz. Eris, did you bring Skinnet?
[Skinnet pops up]
Eris: And nose clips too!
Laval: Ok, Skinnet! If you don't mind?
[Skinnet passes gas]
Worriz: Ah! Enough, enough! Make it stop! -howls-
Skinnet: Sorry.
Worriz: You know I have a very sensitive nose, Laval! That is so not fair! -growls-
Laval: It's not fair, it's what Cragger calls 'improvising!'
[Laval and Cragger swordfighting on a fallen tree]
Laval: Hah, nice try there, friend. Like I didn't see that coming.
[Cragger spins, knocking Laval off with his tail]
Cragger: You were saying?
Laval: Cool move. Almost as cool as this!
[Laval throws his sword at a beehive above Cragger, knocking it down on his head]
Cragger: Get it off, get it off!
[Laval laughs, then Bladvic walks over and takes the beehive off, then walks away]
Cragger: Thanks.
[The two follow Bladvic, who then falls over, snoring and sleeping]
Cragger: Doesn't he ever wake up?
Laval: Only when you whisper, very softly, like this.
[Bladvic suddenly wakes up]
Bladvic: Wha? Who's there? What'd you say? Oh, it's you, Laval. Stop talking so loud, I'm trying to sleep here.
Laval: -laughing-
[Bladvic falls back asleep]
Cragger: Quick question: Who's your best friend?
Laval: Quick answer, you are!
Cragger: Yes! Same here!
Laval: Duh, isn't is obvious? Nothing will ever come between us!
Cragger: I know. Hey, you wanna try something really awesome?
Laval: Sure, sounds fun!
Laval: Whoa! Are you sure about this? You want to sneak in and see the Sacred Pool of Chi? The most hallowed place in all of Chima?
Cragger: What, are you scared?
Laval: No, I'm not scared.
Cragger: Don't you want to see it too?
Laval: Well, yeah, we will. When we reach the age of becoming, we'll be able to plug Chi anytime we want!
Cragger: Yeah, but why wait? It'll just be a quick peek.
Laval: Oh... I don't know.
Cragger: You gonna bring up all your lion rules again?
Laval: Well, yeah...
Cragger: All I have to say about that is: 'Banana on the Crocodile's Tale'!
Laval: Last one there's a rotten skunk!
[climbing up the wall]
Cragger: Whoa. Would you look at that?
Laval: Yeah, great. Seen it. Let's go!
Cragger: Hold on a sec. Haven't you always wanted to feel what it's like?
Laval: No, not yet!
[Cragger picks up Chi orb]
Laval: [gasp] Put that back! We can't! The rules! This is really bad!
Cragger: Aw. Who's gonna know? [?]
[Cragger puts the Chi into his chest, causing him to go ballistic]
[Lion guards hop in]
Laval: Cragger! Snap out of it!
[Cragger runs and hits Laval and the guards, then runs out of the Chi Temple]
Laval: Cragger!
[Cragger running into a forest]
Eris: Cragger! Is everything ok?
[Cragger pics up Bladvic and throws him at Laval and Eris]
Eris: Bear! Straight up ahead!
Laval: You want me to go straight?
Eris: No, there's a bear straight up ahead!
[Bladvic lands in bush and continues snoring]
[Cragger knocks over Worriz and Rhogon, then runs into a rock, hitting his head multiple times]
Laval: Cragger! You've got to stop-
[Cragger jumps on Laval]
Laval: Cragger, no!
[Cragger is stunned by a laser]
Lagravis: Chain the croc, call his parents. Are you ok, Laval? What were you thinking? Sneaking into the Lion Temple? Taking Chi?
Laval: We just wanted a peek, I didn't know he was gonna plug an orb.
Lagravis: You're both too young for Chi. Until the age of becoming, it's too powerful. Look at what happened! That's why we have these rules. Cragger could have really hurt himself.
Laval: I'm sorry, Dad. We were just trying to have some fun...
Lagravis: Fun? Sometimes, Laval, you really have to ask yourself: Is this the right thing to do? Is it? Now, I have to explain this to Cragger's parents. And you know how they are...
[At Croc Swamp Hideout]
Crominus: He did WHAT? Nobody blasts and chains my son! They'll pay for this, they will!
[At Lion Temple]
Crominus: How could you do this, Lagravis?
Lagravis: It was the only way to stop him. You know the rules.
Crominus: The rules say nothing about pulsing and chaining our little crocling!
Cragger: Father, not that [?]
Crunket: Quiet, Cragger.
Lagravis: Chi-ing up [?] before the age of becoming is strictly forbidden. We've had that rule for a thousand years. You know what happened.
Crominus: Yes, and so does your son! But that didn't stop him, from making my Cragger plug Chi, before his time.
Laval: What?! But I tried to stop him!
Lagravis: Quiet, Laval.
Crominus: I believe an apology is in order.
Lagravis: Agreed. Then we can put all this behind us. No need for bad [?] between our tribes.
Crominus: Yes. There's been enough of that in the past.
Lagravis: So, about that apology? Whenever you're ready, Cragger.
Crominus: Actually, I was expecting an apology from you and your son.
Laval and Lagravis: What?!
Crunket: You don't really think Cragger's to blame for this, do you? An impressionable young croc, taken advantage by a noble lion, who should know much better.
Laval: You've gotta be kidding me! It was all Cragger's idea!
Crominus: Know your place, lion child!
Lagravis: And you know your's.
Crominus: Perhaps it is best if we settle this at another time. And another place!
Lagravis: As far as I'm concerned, it is settled. For a thousand years, the lions have watched over this pool of Chi, we ensure it is used properly from all of Chima. What your son did, was not proper.
Crominus: Worst apology ever, Lagravis. This isn't over, lions! We crocodiles never forget. Never!
[Crominus and other Crocs leave]
Laval: I thought it was elephants that never forget!
Lagravis: Laval... Just go to your room.
[Now in a forest where Cragger sneaks up on Worriz]
[Cragger 'slices' Worriz's rear]
Worriz: Ah! Ok, you found me. Can we play somethin' else now? Ugh, Hide and Seek is so... -yawn-
Cragger: I know. It's Laval's game. Much more [?], Hide and Attack!
[Cragger jumps above Worriz, Worriz throws Cragger behind him]
Worriz: Will you stop that? Maybe you should see if Laval's available for your little kiddie games.
Cragger: Hey, they're not kiddie games. They're fighting games. For kids. Besides, my father won't let me play with the lions anymore.
Worriz: Yeah, I heard. Plugging Chi before the age? That's bold.
Cragger: Thanks.
Worriz: I only have one question: the Chi; what's it like?
Cragger: Oh... mother of mud. T'was the best thing ever. Like being born all over again. But with superpowers! Come on. I'll show you!
[Back at the Lion Temple]
Worriz: Shouldn't there be more guards?
Cragger: Who cares? There's the Chi, Worriz. Ours for the taking!
[Cragger runs towards the pool, trips and fall right in front of Lagravis's sword]
Cragger: Huh? It's not what you think. I was just- Ask Worriz!
[Worriz running away]
Cragger: He'll- Worriz? I mean... it was all Laval's idea!
Laval: Really? Because I haven't been allowed out of my room in weeks! Just ask those guys there. They've been guarding it.
Lagravis: Watch him, while I call his father.
Cragger: No! You can't do that!
Longtooth: Oh yeah? And who's gonna stop us?
Laval: Look out!
[Cragger panics, spins, hits all four lions down with his tail and runs away]
Laval: Hey! No one hurts my dad and gets away with it!
Lagravis: Boys, stop this. Now!


[Laval chases Cragger on their Speedorz]
[Cragger shoots Croc Flare]
[At Croc Swamp Hideout]
Croc: King Crominus, come quick! It's the Croc Flare!
[At Lion Temple]
Lagravis: Not good. Leonidas, Longtooth. We need to prepare.
[Cragger rides up the 'Fangs', meeting Laval there]
Cragger: Huh? Laval? How'd you-
Laval: My dad taught me how to ride up here in the Fangs. There's no way you can outrun me on these rocks.
Cragger: Come on, we went everything together. How come you never took me up here?
Laval: Because it's dangerous! There are hidden sinkholes and caves all over the Fangs! That, and my dad has a rule about coming up here without him.
Cragger: Ugh, you and your rules again.
[Surface under Cragger falls, Laval catches him]
Cragger: Wh-whoa!
Laval: Watch it! That's a deep one. You know, it makes sense to follow a rule or two.
Cragger: Thanks, but I can do without the lecture, Laval. You wanted to check out the sacred pool just as much as I did.
Laval: Yeah, for a little fun and adventure. But not for the Chi!
Cragger: If only you knew what it felt like... The power... You'd do the same to me in a second, you would.
Laval: No, Cragger, I wouldn't. And I wouldn't sell out my best friend for it either.
Cragger: Laval... I'm sorry about this.
Laval: About what? The lying and backstabbing? We're just breaking all the rules and stealing our Chi!
Cragger: Actually, neither. I'm sorry for calling... them.
[Croc vehicles and crocs all heading towards Lion Temple for battle]
Laval: What? Troops? Cragger, what have you done?
Cragger: I uh... panicked and I, uh... might've, accidentally, sent up a Croc Flare.
'Laval: You WHAT?!
Cragger: Hey, I said I'm sorry. Lemme talk to them. Father!
Crominus: Cragger, step away from the Lion!
Crunket: We've been worried sick about you, darling! That lion is a terrible influence!
Cragger: But it's not his fault! Mother, honestly, the lions are ok!
[Lions heading towards battlegrounds in war vehicles]
Crominus: Battle formations, everyone!
[Crug and Crawley run around, Crawley back up and hits Crug's gun, starting the battle]
Lions: Roar!
[Crug hits Crawley's head]
[Croc Tank moves to lower ground]
Croc: Incoming!
[Crominus's crown falls off, then Cragger jumps onto the Lion Tank]
Cragger: But it's all a misunderstanding!
Crominus: We can't take that chance, son. Last time, they blasted you. This time, it's our turn!
Laval: Dad, look out!
Crominus: No hiding [?] for you, Lagravis. Fire the claw-poon!
[Claw-poon fired at Lagravis's tank]
Lagravis: A claw-poon? Really?
Laval: Dad! We've got to stop this!
Lagravis: Get down, Laval. That was a Croc Flare they sent up before. That only means one thing; full on battle!
Laval: I know, but- Ahh!
Lagravis: Laval!
[Laval jumps off his Speedor and it explodes, onto the tank]
Laval: We've got to stop this!
[Croc tank flips over, trapping Crunket and Crominus]
Crominus: My [?]! Can't hold on! Everyone out!
Crunket: I can't move!
[Surface starts to crack]
Crunket: Ahh!
Cragger: Stop! Stop! The ground's unstable! Please! This is all my fault. I shouldn't have taken the Chi, or blamed Laval, or sent off that Croc Flare! Blame me, not them! We surrender, just stop! My parents are stuck inside!
Lagravis: That's why I'm pulling their tank towards more stable grounds.
[Lagravis pulling Croc tank up]
Lagravis: That whole area could collapse at any second!
Laval: Oh... Cragger! It's ok! They'll be fine!
Cragger: No, they won't!
Laval: What're you doing?!
Cragger: Saving my parents from you lions!
[Cragger slices the rope, causing the lion tank with his parents inside to fall slightly]
[Cragger attempts to pull up the tank]
Laval: Cragger! Get off there now!
Cragger: No... I can open this! If I just had the strength! If I just had... some Chi.
Laval: I uh...
[Cragger keeps trying to open the tank]
Crominus: You're in charge now, son.
Crunket: Make us proud.
Crominus: And whatever you do, don't- Urgh!
[Tank falls down the trench]
Crominus: Noooooooo!
[Cragger steps foward, more of the ground starts to break]
[Laval catches Cragger, and pulls him up]
Crominus: Helloooooo? They can't hear us. Don't worry, my darling. We'll get out of here, eventually.
Crunket: But what about Cragger?
Crominus: He knows the lions aren't to blame. He'll do the right thing. I was just trying to warn him; whatever you do, don't listen to your sister!
[Back at Croc Swamp Lair, where Cragger is sitting in his father's throne, and Crooler walking up to him with a flower behind her back]
Crooler: Listen to me, brother. We'll make the lions pay.
Cragger: It wasn't the lions' fault!
Crooler: Trust me, they're our enemy, brother. Or should I say,'King'?
[Crooler walks away, laughing]
[episode ends]