The Nightfall Incident
Spybotics NI Starting Screen




The Nightfall Incident is a Spybotics Online game developed by Gamelab in 2002, formerly hosted by the LEGO official website. Currently, the game can only be found on various archive sites.

The game featured the four signature spybots from the Spybotics theme, Gigamesh G60, Snaptrax S45, Shadowstrike S70 and Technojaw T55.


The player character assumes the role of a "SMART" agent, whose job is to police crime on the net, using his or her personal spybot as a hacking tool. Most of the game consists of logging onto hacked corporate servers, restoring the company's access by destroying their corrupted security programs or retrieving locked files from the company's archives. In order to fight and move around within the corporate server grids, the player can purchase SMART designed hacking programs, each containing a different set of strategic abilities with which to combat rogue security software.

The player can also accept missions from various contacts on the net. Successfully restoring a corporate computer or completing a mission gains the player credits and sometimes unique or experimental programs.


In order to fight computer crime, both SMART agents and corporations use special programs that can fight against hostile software within a server. When hacking into a hostile node, the player is able to upload a certain number of programs onto the server grid, which will usually contain a number of hostile programs in waiting. Upon uploading his or her programs, the player can then control and use them to fight corrupted software and/or gather important data packages.

Most programs are acquired through Warez nodes. In exchange for credits, Warez nodes will supply agents with what software they have available.

Level 1 Warez Node: Leo Leontis

Name Move Max Size Cost Description
Spybotics Hack Hack 2 4 500 Basic attack program
Spybotics Bug Bug 5 1 750 Fast, cheap, and out of control
Spybotics Slingshot Slingshot 2 2 750 Basic ranged attack program
Spybotics Data Doctor Data Doctor 4 5 500 Helps your programs grow
Spybotics Bit Man Bit Man 3 3 250 Makes sectors of the grid appear or disappear
Spybotics Clog Clog* 2 4 N/A Slows down hostile programs

*Clog is a mission reward.

Level 2 Warez Node: Tsumara285

Name Move Max Size Cost Description
Spybotics Hack 2 Hack 2.0 3 4 1500 Improved Hack: larger size and better attacks
Spybotics Golem Mud Golem Mud 1 5 1200 Slow and steady attack program
Spybotics Wolf Spider Wolf Spider 3 3 750 Speedy and creepy little program
Spybotics Seeker Seeker 3 3 1000 Solid distance attack program
Spybotics Tower Tower 0 1 1000 Immobile long-range program
Spybotics Medic Medic 3 3 1000 Grows your programs from a distance
Spybotics Turbo Turbo 3 3 1000 Speeds up your programs

Level 3 Warez Node: Kimoni Ameotung

Name Move Max Size Cost Description
Spybotics Hack 3 Hack 3.0 4 4 3500 The top of the Hack series
Spybotics Golem Clay Golem Clay 2 6 3000 Clay is stronger than mud
Spybotics Black Widow Black Widow 4 3 2000 Speedier and creepier
Spybotics Mandelbug Mandelbug 5 1 3000 It's not a bug, it's a feature
Spybotics Buzzbomb Buzzbomb 8 2 3500 Fast and annoying
Spybotics Fiddle Fiddle 3 3 2400 Twiddle and tweak the power of your programs
Spybotics Seeker 2 Seeker 2.0 3 4 2500 Bigger and better than Seeker
Spybotics Mobile Tower Mobile Tower 1 1 1800 Slow-moving long-range program
Spybotics Satellite Satellite 1 1 3500 Sort-range hard-hitting program
Spybotics Bastilla Ballista 1 2 3000 Extreme-range attack program
Spybotics Data Doctor Pro Data Doctor Pro 5 8 1500 Twice the expansion power of Data Doctor
Spybotics Clog 2 Clog.02 2 4 2000 Twice as effective as version.01
Spybotics Turbo DX Turbo Deluxe 4 4 1750 Slow and steady is for losers
Spybotics Memory Hog Memory Hog* 5 30 N/A Massive memory-filling bloatware

*Memory Hog is a mission reward.

Level 4 Warez Node: Minerva

Name Move Max Size Cost Description
Spybotics Golem Stone Golem Stone 3 7 5000 Nothing can stand in its way
Spybotics Tarantula Tarantula 5 3 3500 Fast, with a venemous bite
Spybotics Heisenbug Heisenbug 5 1 4000 They can't kill what they can't catch
Spybotics Logic Bomb Logic Bomb 3 6 3500 Self-destructing attack program
Spybotics Sumo Sumo 2 12 4500 A massive and slow-moving powerhouse
Spybotics Seeker 3 Seeker 3.0 4 5 4500 Seeker with extra deletion power
Spybotics Laser Satellite Laser Satellite 2 1 5000 Long-range hard-hitting program
Spybotics Catapult Catapult 2 3 4000 Extreme-range mobile attacker
Spybotics Clog 3 Clog.03 2 4 3500 Brings hostile programs to a halt
Spybotics Guru Guru 2 3 4500 Multipurpose software for the 133tist of the 133t
Spybotics Wizard Wizard* 3 4 N/A Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

*Wizard is a mission reward.

Corporate Programs

Corporate programs are unobtainable, and can only be encountered as enemies. While most of the hostile programs the player will encounter are rogue corporate programs, there are a few instances in the game where the player will also come across rogue SMART programs.

Name Move Max Size Range Damage Description
Spybotics Sentinel Sentinel 1 3 1 2 Corporate data defender
Spybotics Sentinel 2 Sentinel 2.0 2 4 1 2 Improved corporate data defender
Spybotics Sentinel 3 Sentinel 3.0 2 4 1 4 Sentinel that attacks several programs at once
Spybotics Watchman Watchman 1 2 2 2 Corporate ranged attack program
Spybotics Watchman X Watchman X 1 4 2 2 Improved version of Watchman
Spybotics Watchman SP Watchman SP 1 4 3 2 Watching from an even greater distance
Spybotics Guard Pup Guard Pup 3 2 1 2 A speedy little corporate cur
Spybotics Guard Dog Guard Dog 3 3 1 2 Who let this dog out?
Spybotics Attack Dog Attack Dog 4 7 1 3 Ravenous and bloodthirsty corporate canine
Spybotics Warden Warden 1 5 1 3 Slow and steady corporate attack program
Spybotics Warden+ Warden+ 2 6 1 5 Get out of its way
Spybotics Warden++ Warden++ 3 7 1 7 The last word in corporate security
Spybotics Sensor Sensor 0 1 5 1 Immobile program eradicator
Spybotics Sonar Sonar 0 1 8 1 Long-range program eradicator
Spybotics Radar Radar 0 1 5 2 Deadly program eradicator
Spybotics Fire Wall Fire Wall 2 20 1 1 Keeps unwanted programs out of corporate sectors
Spybotics Boss Boss 6 25 5 5 Prepare to be 0wned