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The Quest for the Lost City
Price Flag-UK £4.99

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Flag-NL €3.95



Shark Warrior


2010 (Ameet) / April 1 2010 (Ladybird)



The Quest for the Lost City is a LEGO book released in 2010 as part of the Atlantis line. It has 32 A4 Size full colour pages. It is full of facts about Underwater Creatures and Submarines, and facts and games for small children. All the illustrations are renders or photos of official Atlantis creatures, subs and Minifigures. The Book came with a Shark Warrior Minifigure along with a golden trident, packed in a small plastic case attached to the front of the cover.

Minifigure included


  • This book, and The Menace From the Deep were released in Poland 3 Months before its release in the United Kingdom.
  • In Poland, the 2 Books are published by Ameet, while in the UK they are published by Ladybird and in The Netherlands by Juniorpress.
  • The Minifigures don't seem to be made of cheap Chinese Plastic, even though they do have a mould number.

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LEGO Atlantis - De Zoektocht naar de Verloren Stad Deel 1

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