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The Test is the eighth episode of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.


Naare goes to visit the Freemakers only to find them making preparations to leave; they then reveal that they have learned of her true allegiance as a Sith, Rowan having found her red lightsaber. They then flee only to be pursued by her in the Eclipse Fighter, but manage to damage her ship and make their escape, only to crashland on Takodana due to damage she inflicted upon them. Bumping a ship, they learn that it belongs to Hondo Ohnaka, who demands that they repay him by recovering three golden orbs from one of the planet's moons. They also encounter Maz Kanata, and Rowan senses something within her castle. Back on The Wheel, Naare manages to limp back to the Freemaker hangar in her ship only to be met by Graballa and his forces; following a brief confrontation they decide to join forces to obtain the Kyber Saber Crystals.

Arriving on the moon, the Freemakers find it inhabited by Varactyls, but manage to obtain several of the orbs. Upon finding the Varactyls desperate to protect them, Rowan realizes that the orbs are in fact eggs, and refuses to take them from the creatures. The group return and confront Hondo, who is angry that they have failed to fulfill his mission for them, only for him to be driven out by an irate Maz. She then provides the Freemakers with the part they need to repair their ship as well as a Kyber Saber Crystal that she obtained on Rodia. As the Freemakers are leaving, she advises Rowan that should he ever become desperate, he should seek out The Maker of Zoh.

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