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Thomas Kirk Kristiansen
Thomas Kirk Kristiansen
Gender: Male
Nationality: Danish
Notable: Member of the LEGO Group board of directors

Thomas Kirk Kristiansen was born in 1979 to Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Camilla Kristiansen, their second child. He is the great-grandson of Ole Kirk Christiansen, founder of LEGO.
Thomas has a degree in marketing, and for a period he was employed as a trainee with the LEGO Group as a Member of the LEGO Group board of directors. Thomas is also, with his two sisters, a minority shareholder in LEGO Holding A/S of which he is also a Board member. He is also a member of the LEGO Group’s Brand & Innovation Board. Thomas Kirk Kristiansen with his wife owns and operates Kirk Arabians, a stud farm in Funen in central Denmark. He is also a member of the Board of the Danish Society of Purebred Arabian Horses.


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