2016 - present


Tidus Stormsufer is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2016. He is a water elf.


Tidus Stormsufer, Dragon Trainer, is in fact a strong water elf. He loves to learn all about how to act around dragons and “connect” with them. He’s a caring soul, and he is grateful for every friendly fellow being that crosses his path. He feels very close to animals, nature, and is fascinated by the mysteries of life. Will often lose his train of thought in the middle of a --- oh, look! A squirrel!

  • Strengths: Wise, honorable, honest, well known and liked, idealistic, tactful, polite, patient, good listener, and a bit mysterious.
  • Flaws: Thinks a lot! Often looks to books for answers instead of within. He needs his space once in a while, which sometimes comes across quite rude.
  • Skills: Strong ability to control water. Great with animals but especially dragons (very rare).
  • Favorite things: Antiques of any kind, books, feathered pens and quality paper, dragons, and anything connected to dragons.


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