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Tim Timebuster was a minifigure who was first released in 1996. He was seen extensively in the Time Cruisers theme until its discontinuation in 1997, and after that he appeared in many FreeStyle sets.


As a boy, Tim loved to build things before becoming Dr. Cyber's apprentice.

LEGO's Description

Tim's description in an old catalogue page: This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

A great follower of Dr. Cyber. He thinks its great to travel in time!


He has a blue cap, green torso with a "T" emblazoned on it, white arms, and blue legs. His face has freckles, and is one of a few featuring a nose. In Freestyle sets he has several different variations.


Appearances in Time Cruisers

Appearances in FreeStyle

(may or may not be him)

With green legs and blue cap

With blue legs and red cap

With green legs and red cap


Wc timmy
One FreeStyle version.Another FreeStyle versionA final FreeStyle variation.Another FreeStyle TimmyTim's lookalike from World City.


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