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Toby the tram engine LEGO DUPLO

Thomas & Friends




Toby is a tram engine from Thomas and Friends. He first appeared in The Railway Series book Toby the Tram Engine.


Being a tram, he is square and has sideplates and cowcatchers at his front and back. Toby used to work on an unnamed tramway, but his job became obsolete when the tramway began to face rivalry from more modern ways of transport, and his line was closed down. Meanwhile, Thomas faced his own issues, on his own branchline. His branchline runs alongside a road for a few miles; and an overambitious policeman stopped Thomas at a level crossing, stating that it was illegal for 'engines to go public roads without sideplates or cowcatchers to prevent people and animals from being dragged under the wheels if they stray onto the line.' The Fat Controller, remembering how he had visited Toby's line recently on hoilday, wrote a letter to Toby's tramway asking if he could use Toby to run on that section of Thomas' branchline.

From then on, Toby became a permanent member of Sir Topham Hatt's fleet of engines.


  • Even though Toby has sideplates, his DUPLO model does not, instead using a standard engine chassis with exposed wheels and added cowcatchers.


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