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Umbara 1
The Yoda Chronicles Episode 1 Part 101:16

The Yoda Chronicles Episode 1 Part 1


The Yoda Chronicles

Season №:


Episode №:


Running time:

1 minute, 16 seconds




Star Wars

Umbara 1 is the first episode of an online series labeled as The Yoda Chronicles.


The episode starts with Master Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, and Pong Krell fending of lasers from the Sniper Droideka, Commando Droid Captain, and an Umbaran Soldier. They are fighting the enemies until Yoda makes a ramp, launching the droideka into the air. It surprisingly lands on a cliff ledge, firing a bolt. Soon afterwards, though, an AT-RT fires and destroys the droideka. The 501st Clone Trooper who destroyed the droideka waves at the others, and the group jumps onto the vehicle. Two Z-95 Headhunders fly in. One is hit by another droideka, causing the 501st Clone Pilot inside to eject from the cockpit. The other Z-95 fires the missile, destroying the droids. The droideka survived, about to fire on the heroes. But the AT-RT kicks the droid away, causing it to hit an Umbaran MHC. The cannon walks up, and the episode ends with the three Jedi igniting their lightsabers.



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