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Hello Guest!! Welcome to my page!

Hello fellow Brickipedians! I am a very big fan of LEGO, mostly Ninjago. I'm really excited about 2014, with the next Ninjago wave! I have plenty of LEGO sets from a mixed variety of themes. My favorite LEGO themes of all time is Exo-Force, Ninjago, and LotR.

Getting back to my user page, this Wiki has tons of awesome, not-horrible and organized pages. It also has MANY pages, probably because it has everything ever made by LEGO ever. Also, I like how there is a section for customs. I'm pretty sure this is the only Wiki that I know that has a Sub-Wiki (I guess you could call it that.)

I used to not know much about the internet, which is why much of my old stuff is bad. If you read anything I made a while ago on Wikia, I sound very immature. But then I was blessed when I found JonTron on Youtube.

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