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Lego palette 2010

2010 LEGO colour palette

LEGO features a wide array of attractive pastel colors, applicable to anything from bricks to minifigures. The original palette included colors such as bright red, bright blue, bright yellow, dark green, white, and black.  Today, LEGO offers a much wider range.

LEGO color palette as of 2010

Bright YellowBright OrangeBright RedBright PurpleBright BlueDark GreenBright Yellowish-GreenReddish BrownNougatWhiteBlackSilverCool YellowLight PurpleLight Royal BlueBright GreenBrick-YellowLight NougatLight Stone GreyWarm GoldFlame Yellowish OrangeBright Reddish-VioletMedium BlueSand BlueSand GreenSand YellowDark OrangeMedium Stone GreyMetallic Dark GreyDark RedMedium LilacEarth BlueEarth GreenMedium NougatDark Stone GreyPhosphorescent GreenDark BrownTransparent YellowTransparent Bright OrangeTransparent Fluorescent Reddish-OrangeTransparent RedTransparent Medium Reddish-VioletTransparent Bright Bluish-VioletTransparent Light BlueTransparent BlueTransparent Fluorescent BlueTransparent GreenTransparent Bright GreenTransparent Fluorescent GreenTransparent BrownTransparentLego palette 2010

List of colors

Solid colors

Color ID Official LEGO Name Common Name Sample
1 White White
5 Brick Yellow Tan
18 Nougat Flesh
21 Bright Red Red
23 Bright Blue Blue
24 Bright Yellow Yellow
26 Black Black
28 Dark Green Green
37 Bright Green Bright Green
38 Dark Orange Dark Orange
102 Medium Blue Medium Blue
106 Bright Orange Orange
119 Bright Yellowish-Green Lime
124 Bright Reddish Violet Magenta
135 Sand Blue Sand Blue
138 Sand Yellow Dark Tan
140 Earth Blue Dark Blue
141 Earth Green Dark Green
151 Sand Green Sand Green
154 Dark Red Dark Red
191 Flame Yellowish Orange Bright Light Orange
192 Reddish Brown Reddish Brown
194 Medium Stone Grey Light Grey
199 Dark Stone Grey Dark Grey
208 Light Stone Grey Very Light Grey
212 Light Royal Blue Light Blue
221 Bright Purple Bright Pink
222 Light Purple Light Pink
226 Cool Yellow Blonde
268 Medium Lilac Dark Purple
283 Light Nougat Light Flesh
308 Dark Brown Dark Brown
312 Medium Nougat Medium Dark Flesh
321 Dark Azur
322 Medium Azur Azure
323 Aqua Unikitty Blue
324 Medium Lavender
325 Lavender Lavender
329 White Glow Glow-in-the-dark
326 Spring Yellowish Green Unikitty Green
330 Olive Green Olive Green
331 Medium-Yellowish green Dark Lime; Medium Lime

Transparent colors

Color ID Name Sample
40 Transparent (clear)
41 Transparent Red
42 Transparent Light Blue
43 Transparent Blue
44 Transparent Yellow
47 Transparent Fluorescent Reddish-Orange (Transparent Dark Orange)
48 Transparent Green
49 Transparent Fluorescent Green (Transparent Neon Green)
111 Transparent Brown (Smoke)
113 Transparent Medium Reddish-Violet
126 Transparent Bright Bluish-Violet
143 Transparent Fluorescent Blue
182 Transparent Bright Orange
311 Transparent Bright Green

Special colours

Colour ID Official LEGO Name Common Name Sample
131 Silver Pearl Light Grey
148 Metallic Dark Grey Pearl Dark Grey
294 Phosphorescent Green Glow In Dark Trans Green
297 Warm Gold Pearl Gold
309 Metalized Silver
310 Metalized Gold
315 Silver Metallic
316 Titanium Metallic

List of phased out colors (INCOMPLETE)

Color ID Name Sample
2 Grey
153 Sand Red
25 Earth Orange
139 Copper
219 Brown
105 Bright Yellowish Orange
3 Light Yellow
107 Bright Bluish Green
195 Royal Blue
11 Pastel Blue
27 Dark Grey
9 Light Reddish Violet
147 Metallic Sand Yellow
145 Metallic Sand Blue
50 Phosphorescent White
136 Sand Violet
104 Bright Violet


Before 2003, the greyscale colors of the LEGO Palette were entirely grey. After 2004, LEGO added a noticeably blue tint to their greys. This new grey tone has earned the nickname "bley" (Bluish grey) by some fans due to the minor blue tint.

LEGO Digital Designer color palette

As of version 4.3, LEGO Digital Designer currently has a palette of 41 solid colors, 15 transparent colors (including Phosphorescent Green), 5 metallic colors, and 17 legacy colors.

Earlier versions

LEGO Digital Designer Colour Chart

Earlier versions had 26 main colors, some of which were divided into sections for easier colour reach. In LDD 4.1.6, the colors were reduced to 52, out of the 121 originally available.

The main color groupings were White, Bright Red, Reddish Brown, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Dark Green, Bright Bluish Green, Bright Blue, Bright Reddish Violet, Medium Reddish Violet, Metallic White, Metallic Bright Red, Reddish Gold, Gold, Lemon Metallic, Metallic Bright Blue, Transparent, Transparent Red, Transparent Brown, Transparent Bright Orange, Transparent Yellow, Transparent Green, Transparent Blue, Transparent Bright Bluish Violet, and Transparent Medium Reddish Violet.


White Colour Chart

There were ten colours under this main colour including Phosphorescent White †, White, Light Stone Grey, Light Grey †, Grey †, Medium Stone Grey, Dark Stone Grey, Dark Grey †, PC Black IR †, and Black.

Bright Red

Red Colour Chart

There were ten colours under this main colour including New Dark Red, Rust †, Flip/Flop Red †, Sand Red †, Bright Red, Bright Reddish Orange †, Flame Reddish Orange †, Neon Orange †, Medium Red †, and Light Red †.

Reddish Brown

Brown Colour Chart

There were 13 colours under this main colour including Dark Brown, Earth Orange †, Reddish Brown, Earth Yellow †, Brown †, Sand Yellow †, Brick-Yellow, Dark Orange, Yellow Flip/flop †, Nougat, Dark Curry †, Medium Nougat †, and Dark Nougat †.

Bright Orange

Orange Colour Chart

There were nine colours under this main colour including Light Orange †, Warm Yellowish orange †, flame yellowish orange †, Medium Yellowish Orange †, Bright Yellowish Orange †, Bright Orange, Light Orange Brown †, Medium Orange †, and Curry †.

Bright Yellow

Yellow Colour Chart

There were seven colours under this main colour including Light Brick Yellow †, Light Yellowish Orange †, Light Nougat, Bright Yellow, Fire Yellow †, Light Yellow †, and Cool Yellow †.

Dark Green

Green Colour Chart

There were 13 colours under this main colour including Dark Green †, Sand Green †, Faded Green †, Earth Green †, Bright Green, Light Faded Green †, Medium Green †, Light Green †, Bright Yellowish-Green, Medium-Yellowish green †, Neon Green †, Spring Yellowish Green †, and Light Yellowish Green †.

Bright Bluish Green

Aqua Colour Chart

There were four colours under this main colour including Medium Bluish Green †, Bright Bluish Green †, Turquoise †, and Light Bluish Green †.

Bright Blue

Blue Colour Chart

There were 16 colours under this main colour including Medium Bluish Violet, Medium Blue, Sand Blue †, Medium Royal Blue †, Tiny-Medium Blue †, Royal Blue †, Tiny-Blue †, Bright Blue, Light Bluish Violet †, Dark Royal Blue †, Dove Blue †, Bright Bluish Violet †, Light Blue †, Earth Blue, Light Royal Blue †, and Aqua †.

Bright Reddish Violet

Purple Colour Chart

There were nine colours under this main colour including Bright Lilac †, Medium Lilac †, Lilac †, Reddish Lilac †, Bright Reddish Lilac †, Bright Reddish Violet †, Light Lilac †, Bright Violet †, and Sand Violet †.

Medium Reddish Violet

Pink Colour Chart

There were six colours under this main colour including Medium Reddish Violet †, Bright Purple †, Light Purple †, Light Reddish Violet †, and Light Pink †.

Metallic White

Metalic Colour Chart

There were 11 colours under this main colour including Metallic Sand Violet †, Metallic White †, Metallic Light Grey †, Silver Metallic †, Gun Metallic †, Titanium Metallic †, Metallic Dark Grey †, Metallic Black †, Silver †, Cool silver †, and Silver flip/flop †.

Reddish Gold

Gold Colour Chart

There were four colours under this main colour including Metallic Earth-Orange †, Copper †, Reddish Gold †, and Metallic Sand Yellow †.

Lemon Metallic

Metalic Green Colour Chart

There were two colours under this main colour including Lemon Metallic †, and Metallic Dark Green †.

Metallic Bright Blue

Metalic Blue Colour Chart

There were two colours under this main colour including Metallic Bright Blue †, and Metallic Sand Blue †.


Tr. Colour Chart

There were three colours under this main colour including Transparent, Nature †, and Phosphorescent Green.

Transparent Red

Tr. Red Colour Chart

There were three colours under this main colour including Transparent Red, Transparent Flourescent Reddish-Orange, and Transparent Bright Orange.

indicates the colour was removed in LEGO Digital Designer 4.1

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