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About Me

I joined the Wiki on January 18, 2012. I am a LEGO maniac. I live in the United States. My birthday is confidential, so please don't ask =P. I like to read and I hate to sing. My favorite books are Brisingre, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the Chronicles of Narnia. My favorite movie is the Bourne Identity. You may know of me as a Mormon, but the correct name of the church I am a member of is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I like to go paint balling, zombie killing, hiking, and camping. I am a boy scout life ranked senior patrol leader. I'm also homeschooled. My favorite video game system is the Wii and I hate Nintendo DS. I got a skateboard for Christmas in 2011 and a pennyboard for Christmas in 2012. I prefer the pennyboard and enjoy riding it. I also like to bike ride and survived a fifty mile bike ride. My hero is C.S. Lewis, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia. I'm just a regular teenage guy! If you have a problem with me or feel I have wronged you, I'd like to compensate so feel free to contact me about it on my talk page.


I love LEGO and have had sets for as long as I can remember. Some of the first sets I remember getting were the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire sets. I still have the Durmstrang Ship, the Second Task, and the graveyard set. My favorite theme so far has been Ninjago. There are parts of the theme that make me hate it and parts that make it my favorite. At the moment I am collecting the Ninjago figures to later sell them. My oldest figures are Ryo from 2006, the oldest Harry Potter (Minifigure) in wizard robes, and the oldest Rubeus Hagrid figure. Most of my sets consist of Star Wars followed by Harry Potter (Theme) although I do have many other. My favorite sets are the five dollar Hulk figure which would come with any 75$ purchase on, Slithraa's spinner set, and Cole because my sisters family gave me these. The set I hate most would be the 2011 Mellenium Falcon. I break it every time I touch it!

On the Wiki

I have about 2,500 edits, rounding up, and am ranked about 45. I have chat moderator, rollbacker, and some other rights. I had my chat moderator rights nearly removed after spamming another wiki with a sock puppet. I surrendered my rights after not being very active for a period. However, as soon as I returned I regained the tools. I was Brickipedian of the Month in January 2013. I have created over 100 pages since I joined the wiki which I call my war on red links. I hope to get administrator rights in the future and to better help edit the wiki.


I'll just post random stuff here like pictures or quotes.

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