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Bionicle 2015 comfirmed! Get ready for Generation 2!


February 8? That isn't on my calendar (I don't even have one!)- Me

I mean that February 8th is the day, when I fell in love to Blaze and met her. i even know which library I met her and in which time- Megaphantaze[1]

Okay, that sounds....fine...but the 8th is still not on my calendar.- Me

Based on a true blog post conversation (it's true!)


The HF multiverse (main universes only)

Crossing paths with a cross-eyed moose brings a curse upon the moose-crosser and their non-moose-crossed friends. DON'T YOU PEOPLE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SCIENCE?!


And this, Guest, will testify my love of Hero Factory. And Invasion from Below. Yep, Guest that is what this page will do for ya.

Also, it is my third year on Wikia itself.

My Lego ID profile on the Message Boards: [2]

Message Boards Signature: Hello. I am a HF fanatic, video maker, Sonic fan, sorta-Bionicle fan, kinda-sorta Transformers fan, and Christian :)

The HF Story summed up in probably three paragraphs

Long, long ago, this dude named Akiyama Makuro created the Hero Factory, a factory that would create robotic Heroes. Thresher, Stormer, Stringer, Bulk, and Von Ness are all created, but then Thresher took a blow to the back and died (I think) after this, Stormer performed the "most awesome move in Hero Factory history" and Von Ness ran away and teamed up with Dark Maker and turned into Von Nebula and all sorts of weird crap happened. Flash forward, these three rookies in the Alpha Team get caught up in a battle against Von Whiny Pants I mean Nebula's motley crew, which ends with Von Nutcase Whiny Pants getting blasted by his own staff. Then, these super powerful Villains themed to fire who somehow are so powerful that the Heroes cannot defeat them (stupid, stupid Makuro) overcome them and Surge dies I mean gets captured. At the same time, Makuro shows off these new dudes who are an Australian who loves Breez and a samurai, who come to the rescue as Surge brutally rips off Fire Lord's hand. Then, we are introduced to Rocka, a HRT agent and the brattiest Hero ever, who comes back from a mission only to go to Quatros and get attacked by Witch Doctor, the Villain we all know (and love XD). The Heroes suit up in animal armor and go save him, as well as battling talking animals enslaved by WD. Finally, Rocka is upgraded with "ancient" armor pieces that look like a Hero's dead carcass and defeats WD. Then, Voltix, a Toa of Lightning I mean Villain, is defeated by the bratty Rocka, and is imprisoned. However, he unleashes a construct of Von Whiny Pants who touches the staff, both unleashing a physics-defying black hole and killing releasing Von Nebula at the same time. Oops. The Legion of Darkness, Dark Maker's Villain team, as well as Von Nutcase's gang (and their clones), talking animals and hundreds of Villains all escape. The Breakout has taken place, leading to a new widespread upgrade being created. The Legion of Darkness is captured, and Black Phantom is defeated by Daniel Brat, and the Heroes win. Again. But not before BP gets the blueprints to his master Dark Maker, who, days later, creates an army of techno-organic Brains who mutate several animals and a giant electric dragon the size of a Beast. These creatures attack, and the Alpha, Beta and Gamma teams come out and fight them, as Surge gets enslaved and unleashes Blank Heroes, Makuro's darkest secret. The Heroes defeat the easy-to-destroy drones and free Surge, as Daniel Brat finds a weird jetpack out of sheer coincidence and then defeats the dragon. And his name spontaneously appears on it. Creepy. Then, robots come down to fix the giant hole the dragon made, and then encounter a swarm of Brains, ready to attack again.

And Dark Maker does something.

And Nex and Stringer come late to the party.

And the HRT doesn't shut down.

And Jawblade gets his own movie.

Hero Craft

R.I.P Hero Factory Cartoon: 2010-2013

About Me

I am the founder of the (pretty much abandoned)Sullyfilms channel (on Youtube, of course) as well as a
Hero Factory, Sonic, Minecraft, kinda-sorta Transformers, and sorta BIONICLE fan, as well as being a MOCer and Christian. I also have a HUGE collection of HF sets, which is in this page. My favorite year of HF is 2014, and my favorite years of BIONICLE are 2005, 2004 and 2006.

Also, my favorite bands are Red, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet

Frog Factoids

1. My favorite HF Episodes are Breakout and Savage Planet.

2. My favorite HF characters are Preston Stormer, Jaw Beast, Witch Doctor, and Voltix.

3. My favorite Sonic (the Hedgehog) characters, meanwhile, are Silver the Hedgehog [3] and Blaze the Cat [4]

4. I cannot wait until the next Super Smash Bros. comes out! It already did. Time to find a new factoid....

5. My favorite Bionicle movie is The Legend Reborn I don't really know....

6. My favorite Bionicle character has to be Mata Nui.

7. I started my career on Wikia in this wiki [5]


9. Also, this strange little blog post: [6]

10. I wonder what Invasion from Below episode 2 is going to be. I can't wait any longer! Jossed. It's not coming out.....

Image Gallery

Beast Portal

This is the Beast Portal, where portals to other wikis and websites are.

Chamber Portals

The 2007 Bionicle Website (Wayback Machine) [7]

The LEGO website [[8]]

The HF website [9]

2007 [10]

Sonic's Website [11] (Looks like Hero Factory isn't the only thing getting a new continuity this year...)

Smash Bros. Website [12]



Hero Factory Invasion from Below Music Video 2 (Crashed by Duaghtry)03:32

Hero Factory Invasion from Below Music Video 2 (Crashed by Duaghtry)

IFB Universe

Well, Invasion from Below is an alternate universe (DISCLAIMER: FANON IDEA)....

More bios coming soon-ish...
ItsRocka This is a description taken from this very page and is fanon. Do not modify it.

Stringer is Stormer's old friend, hailing back from a time where he, Stormer and Bulk formed a power trio that would do missions together. But now, he has decided to join the newly-formed Alpha 1 Team, however, it is after the Invasion from Below that he does this. A Hero who has a passion for music and has no time for nonsense, Stringer uses his booming weapons to catch a villain off guard long enough to capture them.

Movie Quotes: “That landed as smooth as a bass riff!"
“Let's do this!”

Strengths: Hero who lays the smackdown, Funny.

Weakness: Is rather noisy, Loud. This is a description taken from and is modified. Do not modify it.

Rocka is Stormer's younger brother, a seasoned veteran from the days of the Hero Factory's very beginnings. When it comes to collecting data and intelligence, and analyzing the enemy’s strategy, strengths and weaknesses, this guy is your man. He will go to great lengths, and put himself in great danger, to come as close to the enemy as physically and mentally possible.

Movie Quotes: “Time to start putting these creatures on ice!”
“This cavern is huge... There’s no way the drill made this!”

Strenghts: Cool-headed
Nerves of steel
A gadgets expert

Weakness: Has a tendency to get a little too up and personal with the villain This is a description taken from and is post-Invasion from Below. Do not modify it.

Stormer is the Alpha 1 Team leader, a seasoned veteran Hero, but still a young leader who’s motto is that heroes don’t panic in a crisis. He takes no nonsense from villains or rookies. He just gets up, takes charge, and goes to work. End of story. Even though he has the burden of the death of the Queen Beast from saving Bulk, which grieves him greatly, Stormer now has even more reasons to give extra oomph into missions.

Movie Quotes: “The whole city’s being overrun. What are these things?”
“The people of Antropolis needs us... Let's get to work!”
“Hey! You want to play rough, huh?”

Strenghts: A natural leader
Massive experience

Weakness: None (if you ask Stormer himself) This is a description taken from this very page and is fanon. Do not modify it.

Jaw Beasts. The small fry of the Beasts, yet, they are very strong, even more so than the Crystal Beasts themselves. Their power is rivaled only by the Splitter Beasts, and they always want to prove their superiority to the Queen. Stealthy, strong and quick, they are not hesitant to go to work and get rid of any threat the Queen wants disposed of.

Movie Quotes: “RAWWR!"

Strengths: Strong, fast, agile

Weakness: Is vulnerable to a certain strong type of goo This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Within Bulk burns the Core of a dedicated Hero. On the outside he's a paranoid, trigger-happy jerk with serious impulse-control problems. Bulk utterly hates Beasts. He also hates villains. And anybody could be a villain. Even Heroes. Therefore, Bulk hates everybody. except Evo. It's unclear if he hates villains more than he hates beasts, but it's at least a neck-and-neck thing. He makes a habit of pulling ridiculously huge guns out of nowhere and attacking impulsively despite orders or sanity. Somehow, this gets him neither killed nor demoted. He is very overprotective of his "pal" Evo, which usually is why he acts the way he does. He doesn't seem like the calculating type.

Movie Quotes: “It looks like they're done hiding"
“You kidding? She's got our pal!"

Strengths: Strong, sometimes helpful.

Weakness: See the entire description above.


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My Collection

Sets from 2010

Preston Stormer

William Furno

Jimi Stringer

Mark Surge

Dunkan Bulk

Natalie Breez

Von Nebula





Bulk and Vapour (Bulk dismantled)

Drop Ship

Sets form 2011

Stormer 2.0

Furno 2.0

Breez 2.0

Evo 2.0

Nex 2.0

Surge 2.0

Fire Lord




Stormer 3.0

Furno 3.0

Nex 3.0

Rocka 3.0

Bulk 3.0

Stringer 3.0





Witch Doctor

Rocka XL (Dismantled)

Sets from 2012





Breez (Dismantled)

Nex (Dismantled)


Bulk (Dismantled)


Black Phantom


Toxic Reapa


Core Hunter

XT4 (Dismantled)


Thornaxx (Dismantled and Revamped)

Speeda Demon

Sets from 2013




Furno "XL" (Because he's the size of a normal Hero in the 'toon)





Frost Beast



Dragon Bolt



Sets from 2014

Evo Walker

Jaw Beast vs Stormer

Stormer Freeze Machine

Furno Jet Machine

Rocka Stealth Machine

Splitter Beast vs Furno and Evo

Bulk Drill Machine

Breez Flea Machine

Surge and Rocka Combat Machine

Rocka Crawler

Crystal Beast vs Bulk

Tunneler Beast vs Surge

Queen Beast vs Stormer, Furno and Evo

Misc Sets

Tahu Mata

Gali Mata

Lewa Mata

Onua Mata

Kopaka Mata

Pohatu Mata







All of the Turaga

All of the McToran

All of the Rahkshi (Disassembled)

Hewkii Mahri (Disassembled)

Vezon and Fennrahk (Don't know how to spell it)



Samurai Mech (Destroyed)

And then there's this




I never really have anything on my Wishlist except for the Roboriders sets and the Bohrok Va. The wishlist's gone now, actually.

It is stated for Blaze that "she is bothered by underendowed chest (comments on which will rouse her anger)". It is unknown if this is true to her actual depiction or if this was a joke by one of the writers.

Silver was originally going to be a mink named Venice, but they changed him to a hedgehog since they thought a mink wouldn't fit with the other characters. They also initially considered making him orange, but they decided on a light silver color, from which he got his name. His original name was a likely reference to the city of Venice, which Soleanna was based on.

That's a joke.

That's not a joke.

It's no use. Admit it.

Useful Notes


Size chart comparing sizes of Battle Machines and Beasts with Transformers characters. And Gipsy Danger.


Another size chart comparing the sizes of Transformers with monsters in Hero Factory, The Legend Reborn and Age of Extinction.

view · talk · edit Hero Factory sets
2010: 7145 Von Nebula / 7147 XPlode / 7148 Meltdown / 7156 Corroder / 7157 Thunder / 7158 Furno Bike / 7160 Drop Ship / 7162 Rotor / 7164 Preston Stormer / 7165 Natalie Breez / 7167 William Furno / 7168 Dunkan Bulk / 7169 Mark Surge / 7170 Jimi Stringer / 7179 Dunkan Bulk and Vapour / HERO Factory Claw / 2856076 Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies
2011: 2063 Stormer 2.0 / 2065 Furno 2.0 / 2067 Evo 2.0 / 2068 Nex 2.0 / 2141 Surge 2.0 / 2142 Breez 2.0 / 2143 Rocka 3.0 / 2144 Nex 3.0 / 2145 Stormer 3.0 / 2182 Bulk 3.0 / 2183 Stringer 3.0 / 2191 Furno 3.0 / 2192 Drilldozer / 2193 Jetbug / 2194 Nitroblast / 2231 Waspix / 2232 Raw-Jaw / 2233 Fangz / 2235 Fire Lord / 2236 Scorpio / 2282 Rocka XL / 2283 Witch Doctor / 66404 Hero Factory Combo Value Pack 1 / 853083 Hero Factory Mission Log Book / 2856089 Hero Factory 2.0 Collection / 2856227 Hero Factory Fire Villains Collection / 2856228 Hero Factory 2.0 Collection / 2856232 Hero Factory Fire Villains Collection
2012: 6200 Evo / 6201 Toxic Reapa / 6202 Rocka / 6203 Black Phantom / 6216 Jawblade / 6217 Surge / 6218 Splitface / 6221 Nex / 6222 Core Hunter / 6223 Bulk / 6227 Breez / 6228 Thornraxx / 6229 XT4 / 6230 Stormer XL / 6231 Speeda Demon / 6282 Stringer / 6283 Voltix / 6293 Furno
2013: 44000 Furno XL / 44001 Pyrox / 44002 Rocka / 44003 Scarox / 44004 Bulk / 44005 Bruizer / 44006 Breez / 44007 Ogrum / 44008 Surge / 44009 Dragon Bolt / 44010 Stormer / 44011 Frost Beast / 44012 Evo / 44013 Aquagon / 44014 Jet Rocka / 5000194 Weapon
2014: 44015 Evo Walker / 44016 Jaw Beast vs. Stormer / 44017 Stormer Freeze Machine / 44018 Furno Jet Machine / 44019 Rocka Stealth Machine / 44020 Flyer Beast vs. Breez / 44021 Splitter Beast vs. Furno & Evo / 44022 Evo XL Machine / 44023 Rocka Crawler / 44024 Tunneler Beast vs. Surge / 44025 Bulk Drill Machine / 44026 Crystal Beast vs. Bulk / 44027 Breez Flea Machine / 44028 Surge & Rocka Combat Machine / 44029 Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer

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