I just decided that a fun thing to do this month would be an advent calendar where I build a small model in LDD each day and reveal it to mark off a day. I might use a few of these in my Winter Village MOC contest entry, so don't use them.

Day 1: Grandfather Clock


After a little ingenuity, this little thing came to life. I might be using it in my Winter Village entry, but I'm not sure.

Day 2: Snow Globe


There isn't much to this three-piece model, but snow globes are novelties in the United States, that have reached an iconic standpoint. I may use this in my Winter Village entry, but I'm even less sure than the clock.

Day 3: Vintage Lamppost


After looking at existing designs, I cobble some together and built this little thing. I might use it in my entry, but I'm still not fully sure.

Day 4: Poinsettias


My mom always enjoyed poinsettias during the holidays, so what better than a pot of them to set on your LEGO table? I will probably include a few of these in my entry.

Day 5: Snowshoe Rack


Dunno. :P I think this looks cool and definitely goes with my build, but I think I'll attempt to improve it. Tell me what you think below.

Day 6: Wreath


Isn't it sooooo cute?? :P I've already put these in my entry, so you know the drill. :P The light thingies were a new addition, though. Tell me what you think below!

Day 7: Penguins


CzechMate asked me to do this.. I based these on the Penguin Minion build, but are slightly different. I didn't know any other way to do it at minifig scale and it was getting late. :P

Day 8: Vanity Table


I thought something bigger would be appropriate today. This little table actually opens for usable LEGO storage and has plenty of room on the top to store things like trophies.

Day 9: Candy Cane Archway


IDK.. something.. :P

Day 10: Another Light Pole


Trolololol.. you get another light pole. ;D

Day 11: Snow Blower


This thing blows! ;D It looks a little disproportionate, but it still looks cool, right? RIGHT?!

Day 12: Fireplace


This fireplace looks... dangerous. But what do you expect from a cheap advent calendar like this?

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