Okay, so I'm compiling a list of eastereggs and references within the new Amazing Spider-Man movie and game universe. I'll update this when I find more stuff.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

References to possible game sequel

While I haven't yet played the game, there are several references within suggesting plot details in either the next game or the next movies.

  • There is a billboard advertising Eddie Brock Photography, hinting Venom.
  • There is a leaking fire hydrant beside a giant hand on the pavement, hinting Hydroman.
  • There is a pile of sand in the middle of nowhere, hinting Sandman.
  • There is a nest on top of a building beside green feathers, hinting the Vulture.
  • At the Daily Bugle there are claw marks, large canine footprints and shredded clothing, hinting Man Wolf.
  • Felecia Hardy (Black Cat) escapes jail and leaves a few hints and notes for Spidey.
  • Mr. Negative reference.

References to popular media within game

  • You walk into a room and a woman tries to trick a man into thinking that 'She's not the droid he's looking for.'
  • In the windows of a pawn shop, you can see two Guitar Hero guitars.
  • Beenox, the game's creator, has their own building in the game.
  • There is a chat feed that resembles twitter. After beating the game's storyline, one of the producers' actual twitter name will be shown in the feed.
  • In the Sewer Level Spidey says "Where you going? Off to eat pizza with your adopted turtle sons?..... can I come?" referencing TMNT.


  • Stan Lee is a playable character if you preordered the game.
  • You can get a Birthday hat if you set the console's date to August 2013.
  • Spidey's Vigilante Costume is available through DLC.
  • Scarlet-Spider (Kaine) is obtainable.
  • Raimi "Classic" Black Suit is obtainable. Note that this is the Spider-Man 3 variant.
  • Future Foundation Suit is obtainable.
  • Negative Zone Suit is obtainable.
  • Big Time Suit is obtainable.
  • Classic Spider-Man Suit is available through DLC.
  • Cross Species Suit is obtainable.
  • New Black Suit. Note that this is a black version of the new suit.
  • A utility belt is obtainable.


  • The Oscorp building in the Amazing Spider-Man was going to be in the Avengers, but they never were able to achieve this in time.
  • A certain civilian in the game tells Spider-Man "Thank you Captain America."

Post-Credit Movie Scene

A mysterious figure appears in Connor's cell and asks if he told Peter about his father. He says no and the figure tells him that its very good. Connors then tells him to leave Peter alone.

Spoilers end here.

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