Please don't enter yet.

= I still need to work some things out, but feel free to sign up below =

With the success of some of my previous building contest I would like to introduce my first full-on tournament.

If you plan on creating a MOC for each round you are placed in, or using a preexisting one that may fit into the category, you must say so immediately. I will accept requests to join until early June and then you can add entries to the "free for all" round to start out the contest. Please make sure you are able to enter every single round you enter or you will be DQ'd.

Once the contest begins (After Early June)

Firstly and foremost, you must add a MOC for the "free for all" round which will be graded and you shall be placed with an appropriate opponent. The opponent and you shall then build a MOC for the next round and the winner will move up, whilst the loser moves down and the process will continue until there is only one man left standing. If you don't quite understand what I mean, information will be added to the Information Desk (Including step-by-step instructions) and you can ask questions on the talk page. You will add your entries to the Entry Page.

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