Popular Custom Themes

Lately we've been seeing some pretty interesting customs with the start of some interesting new themes. Some of which include BIONICLE Tribute as well as the new Monster Fighters custom spinoff theme and Super Heroes (Customs)

Noteworthy Customs?

Any special customs you feel deserve a place of their own? Feel free to let me know in the comments so I can note their work here.

Customiser of the Month

Current noms include

It seems as if it is going to be Ca$h Cow vs. the Morcian Forces! Awaiting more nominations.

Featured Custom Nominations

  • None yet. Go nominate someone!

Official Community MOC Competition

The competition is over! Results here: User_blog:Cligra/Monthly_MOC_Competition:_And_the_winners_are.... Congratulations to the winners. Now we can start this month's contest. ;D

Updates on my work


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