Happy Halloween

Hey guys and welcome to my spooky Halloween update blog. I'm aware it isn't Halloween yet, just so you know. =P



A teaser. =P Tell me what you think below.


I need ideas!

Reign of the Knights

Upcoming Sets!

  • Ice Troll Fortress
  • Inn and Tavern
  • Dwarven Blacksmith Shoppe
  • Troll Fortress
  • Seige Tower
  • Assassin Attack
  • Styr's Apprentice


What?! No ultrabuilds planned?! Suggest something below.

Marvel Minifigures

No ideas as of current, but I've had a few suggestions.

  • Green Goblin
  • Doc Ock

Feel free to leave more and perhaps they'll become real.

Perhaps I'll do Sabretooth...

Other stuff



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