Please don't flame Hero Factory here, this is meant for roleplaying only. Please ask any questions in the followup blog, HF RPG Questions & Discussion. Quests will also be posted in separate blog posts.

RPG Character SignupsQuest 1 - Afternoon HeistQuest 2 - Hangar 22 Breach

Open Quests

Each quest you complete levels you up. You can apply into as many as you like, but you can only participate in one quest at a time. Please mark your sign-up clearly to your post. You can only enter quests that your level is allowed in.

Quest 1: Afternoon Heist

  • Quest Master: Jonathan Adams (Store Owner)
  • Assignment: “I need heroes, and quick! A villain arrives every day at 9 PM and steals my daily profits!"
  • Party Requirements: “I can't afford to hire any experienced heroes, so I'll put my money on some inexperienced heroes.” Level 3 and under allowed.
  • Reward: 20 Coins, 1 Fire Blaster

Sign-ups will close on the 10th of April 2012.

Quest 2: Hangar 22 Breach

  • Quest Master: Nathan Saturn (Hangar Guard)
  • Assignment: “Help us! Hangar 22 has been breached by a villain, we need Hero Factory's help to secure it!"
  • Party Requirements: “This job requires some expertise to deal with, but a level two hero should be beneficial.” Level 2 and above only.
  • Reward: 70 Coins, 1 Plasma Blaster

Sign-ups will close on the 1st of May 2012.

Ganto's Bar

"Hello, I am Ganto. Have a drink, they're on the house! Have you heard any of the juicy rumors afloat?"

  • If you come across a fortune-teller don't be alarmed, they can help you earn coins if you can complete their simple mini-quests!
  • Energy Swords can supposedly interfere with Shadow Demons' powers.
  • Most unidentified villains are Shadow Demons because of their stealthy abilities.


Please mark your purchase clearly to your post.

Main Weapons

You are only allowed 1 main weapon from the shop, as they are free. You can gain other main weapons by completing quests. Your weapon levels up with your character.

  • Magma Blaster - Free - Lvl 1
  • Electricity Shooter - Free - Lvl 1
  • Wind Swords - Free - Lvl 1
  • Wind Boomerangs - Free - Lvl 1
  • Sphere Gun - Free - Lvl 1
  • Sonic Canon - Free - Lvl 1
  • Ice Blaster - Free - Lvl 1

Secondary Weapons

Standard Weapons must be purchased and in possession.

  • Plasma Blaster - Standard - Free - Lvl 1
  • Crossbow - Not Standard - 20 Coins - Lvl 1
  • Tank Arm - Not Standard - 60 Coins - Lvl 1
  • Harpoon Gun - Not Standard - 30 Coins - Lvl 1


  • Hex Energy Shield (When equipped deflects 5 damage and then is put back into backpack) - 60 coins
  • Aquajet pack (When equipped allows you to deal 5 extra damage in underwater terrain) - 60 coins

Hero's Pub

Jack Flame
  • Played by 1999bug
  • Lvl 1 Hero
  • Lvl 1 Magma Blaster, Lvl 1 Plasma Blaster, Hero Cuffs, 0 coins

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