Ever wanted someone to see your blog post very badly? Well there's an easy way to achieve this. If you've ever noticed the popular blog posts column while browsing through blogs like these, that is where most attention goes. Every time I use these tricks, I've managed to popularize my blogs.

Firstly, I'm advising you don't spam chat and talk pages with links to your blogs, but I do have a few other ways to help boost their popularity. This blog is not meant to encourage the spamming of links in any way!

(1 Make sure that anyone can read our writing. Good grammar is sufficient!

(2 Make sure it asks something - especially if it's asked in a kind tone. I always like to use words like constructive criticism to attract more comments, because it does!

(3 Never just link your blog on chat, always ask the chatters to please look at your blog. Don't advertise, just explain why you want them to see it. I prefer to do this in PM and I also ask if they'll please comment.

(4 Don't continuously link to your blog, people will get annoyed and definitely not look at it! Just link a few times and you'll get enough people to help boost its popularity.

(5 Always reply to kind comments. Don't reply to any direct trolling, let an admin take care of that, you don't want your blog to become a flame war.

(6 Don't talk about questionable topics, only stuff you know everyone is prone to enjoy.

(7 Make sure to include links so people know what you're talking about. ;)

Thanks for reading, I hope these help you out. =) - βʊʛ™ Ʈҩƪҡ - Customs

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