Lego: Assembled & Glued Well. I'll add some later. Let's here what you've got....

  • Brickipedia: The Videogame (If you want the blog, see here!
  • Legovandalz: The Videogame
  • Top 100 worst Brickipedia/Lego users, EVER!
  • MyLegoNetworkWiki: The Videogame
  • Legouniversecreationlab: The Videogame
  • Vandalism: The Lord of the Lego: The Game!
  • LEGO Dissection
  • Lego Message Boards the game
  • Lego: Megabloks
  • Lego: Chuck Norris is Awesome!
  • Lego Doctor Who (Well...maybe...)
  • LEGO Brickipedia 2: The /\/\ods Who Reject All Good Ideas
  • LEGO Grammar Nazis: The Video Game
  • Lego Twilight
  • Lego: Ben 10 is back!
  • Lego Hitler Attack
  • LEGO Blood and Gore(Volume 2): The Video Game.
  • Lego 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Lego Seinfeld (Truth be told, it'd be funny!)
  • Lego Anime
  • Lego Psych
  • Lego ":P"
  • Lego Thomas the Tank (Actually, this already was a theme!!)
  • Lego Barney (NOT Duplo) WORST OF ALL! Now let's have a Barney song: "I hate you! You hate me! Let's tie Barney to a tree, with a boom-boom-bang, and a shot in the head! No more Barney, Barney's dead!!"
  • Build of Duty: Lego Blocks (Mega Bloks would be your enemies!)
  • LEGO Gore Wars 2: The Final Stand
  • lego:brickipedians

"Where do Admins come from, are they merely fanciful dreams of the disposed and downtraughtent, or are they something more, and if so, what makes an Admin? Inside the tiny webite of the Brickipedia, real Admins are made every day. They are the product of tireless Brickipedian user and editors who work around the clock to create extraordinary LEGO pages. Fitted with a large brain that is made able to hold the very information that holds this wiki and state of the art keyboards and computers. A Brickipedian Admin is a being of unparrallel knowledge, who fights vandals with both tools and keyboards. No one can be in any doubt as to where Admins come from: Brickipedia- We have Admins!" -- Makuta T.

  • LEGO Brickipedia 3: Revenge of the Outcasts
  • LEGO: Bob the idiotic punk robot ninja pirate cyborg kraken thing and friends.
  • LEGO Forrest Gump: The Video Game
  • Lego Powered Cars (It might break down!)

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