(Note:This Blog refers to personal life, therefor, is allowed by Wikia's terms.) Okay, so remember when I said I just started playing Ultimate Spider-Man again (Game)?? Well, I finally am on the Green Goblin Level....

Ultimate Goblin

Well, I can't beat it, but I'm here to share my strategy (Better than most tutorials I've found, because they didn't help me get past the outdoor level. Okay. So here you are, Spider-Man, and you start facing the Goblin. Must tutorials would say Double Jump or Swing from webs like crazy. Well those don't work, because either you'll get hit, or won't notice the stunned Goblin. My tactic, which works on nearly every game where and opponent throws projectiles at you, is to jump in circles (Right side [Your right]) around the enemy. This means they must turn to hit you, slowing them down a bit. When it comes to the two fire balls, you must dodge them by swing from webs, and then jumping. Get to the Goblin fast (He's stunned). Start by punching him with the Gamecube's B button, this will beat him up. Once he starts to fall over, get him a couple times with air attacks (A+B or Y+B), if a good or excellent sign pops up, you got him good. Try jump-kicking him once in the back before he fully regains his fire. Now repeat until the building part.

When in the building, some things change.

  1. One, he jumps more often, and spreads fire. You can dodge this by jumping around him again.
  2. As soon as he's stunned, use punches and kicks (B and Y), but as soon as he's on his back flee (He'll grab your ankles if you do not. This is a very easy way to get killed)
  3. You can swing like crazy, because you can here fire spread before he's stunned. (I don't recommend)
  4. Before he's stunned, he'll spread his fire, and you must jump/swing over it.
  5. Stay away from fires in the building.
  6. If you cannot see the Goblin, he is probably in a fire. Try and dodge anything until he comes out. Do not attempt to attack if he's stunned, or the other fire will burn you.

And then, I had like one 15th of his life left, and a fire ball hit me. :P βʊʛ™ Ʈҩƪҡ - Customs 14:22, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

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