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  • 717dif

    Marvel 2013

    May 8, 2012 by 717dif

    Well I am thinking that most of the sets will be of the Iron Man movie and maybe one or two X-Men sets but there might be a War Machine and The Mandarin or even Pepper Pots but stark tower.From X-Men sabertooth,Cyclops,and Gambit, or even from the movie.And the ultra build War Machine Thor and Wolverine. User:717dif717dif 01:37, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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  • 717dif

    Don't worry I wont leave it is just for some important stuff that might change my life but I will be active for a bit to edit some thing at least to so don't get mad at me if I don't wright but I hope that I might wright some thing it might be short but to let you know that I am back.

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  • 717dif

    Lets start it will have three main episodes and then there will be six chapters like in the rest of the games like it all ready says there will be side missions that you find the criminals and then I guess then you can buy them they must add Lois Lane Alfred Two face henchman and Batwoman and add some police vecicles the episodes it could be from Lex Luthor and The Joker The Joker alone and Luthor alone and that is it.For more ideas put it in the comments.

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  • 717dif

    Where has POTC gone.

    April 27, 2012 by 717dif

    Can someone tell me where did Pirates of the Caribbean go it was one of the best themes I'v got. Can they at least do one this year come on the seen in Port Royal that would cost 39.99$. Or The Flying Dutchman 109.99$ from the At Worlds end at least one from that movie. But one con from the the three I have the play space is not much. But the Minifigure's were great Davy Jones is great the 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge is great overall POTC is great.

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  • 717dif
    1. 1 The ninjas will go to the gym and when they go to the class and the fitness instructor is Lord Garmadon and tells them to do 40 Pushups because he has four arms he is more is stronger he can last longer but that is like 20 to him.
    1. 2 The Ninjas go to the super market and they find out that the Serpentine have made a brand for them Hypnobrai have cookies with there logo that hypnotize you if you see them. The Fangpyre have fangpyre chips that Minifigures can not eat or they will transform to a snake and the bag dose not say it. The Venomari is there drink that is there venom. And the Constrictai have the worst cupcake's but rapper says that they are the best in the world.
    1. 3 The ninjas find out that there will be even a better ninja that is …
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