It all started when they killed my parents and that made me want justice. Ten years latter I went to Lucius Fox he gave me the suit. The next day I went to the cave that i fell with my faithful butler Alfred he asked me why bats and I told him I dread bats later on I went back to Lucius for car and he gave me something better he gave me the what I call the Tumbler that it is for the army. The next day I made the batarangs , the cape ,and painted the tumbler. That night there was a were two hostages held in in the ==GC== Library they were Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent they were held by the Joker and his side kick Harley Quinn. When Batman gets there he throws two batarangs at the goons guns then he glides and punches the Joker in his face but the Joker had planted some bombs under the library. Then when it blows up harvey gets transformed into Twoface and rachel dies. Then when they take Harvey ==AKA== TwoFace to the hospital then the Joker was waiting him in his room and Twoface was mad but then they teamed up. Latter at nightBatman went in the tumbler but he had no idea how to drive it but he got the hang of it and deployed in the batpod and went after the Joker in his Ambulance With TwoFace in the back. Then Batman shot at the back of the ambulance and took TwoFace to arkaham asylum were they will treat TwoFace but they think that Batman is bad then talk things over and Batman go's back to Gotham City he go's to the Jokers fun house and gets him very easy then he's cell mates with TwoFace.

                                   ==THE END==