Okay, so many of here have seen this:
Galaxy Squad 2

Okay, so it turns out that this wasn't the only part of the comic. So, I'll give you a brief summary of the comic.

The story opens up with Lord Vampyre fighting Rodney Rathebone. They are fighting over the Swamp Creature's moonstone, but the manbat flies over and steals the moonstone from Rathebone. Manbat flies and places the stone in the circle thing on Vampyre's Castle, but, it turns out the moonstone was fake. A beacon of some sort remains in the sky, near some of the mosquitos, and the comic finishes with this: "What is the newest threat? Get ready to defend the universe from extraterrestrial pests with Galaxy Squad!!"

The original comic is this:

Galaxy Squad 1
Galaxy Squad 2

Also, in the issue there is a page that hints about a new Star Wars mini-movie or series (likely mini-movie) called 'The Yoda Chronicles' . It will come January 2013.


The last to pages reveal Legends of Chima is the new theme to replace Ninjago. There is an image Cragger, and the lion guy (can someone give me a name here?).

Chima 1

There is also a teaser image of TMNT, and gives you a club code for a designer code (TURTLE).

Thanks to:

Admiral_Neo Talk_Page

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