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  • I live in Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND!!!!!
  • I was born on September 22
  • I am a Christian
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    Hi everyone, please put all your comments on this blog here for the moment, as the real blog's commenting is not working. Thanks!

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    The (F)12 Days of Christmas is an F12 event that will run from the 13th-24th of December UTC time by , , and . This blog is a subsection of the F12 editing army. Each day this blog runs, a new event will be held, and the top three teams each day will receive points. The team with the most points at the end of the 12-day-period will be the winner.

    • To be a part of this event, you must leave a comment on the main F12 blog saying that you want to sign up (NightblazeSaber will probably not add you yet, as he is currently 'on holiday' from Brickipedia).
    • If you wish to be a part of this event, you must say so on this blog, and also state which team you are competing for.
      • The list of teams you may choose from are:
        • The Knights of Morcia (Castle and rel…

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  • Agent Charge

    Alright, Cligra said that I could do this so:

    Hello and Welcome to the fourth edition of the Monthly MOC competition results.

    Firstly, I think that all of the entries were (and still are) very good and original.

    The placing was very hard, especially between the first and second. I'd see a detail on one and think this is so cool. First Place! Then I'd go to the other and think the same thing. Anyway, the winners are:

    In first place we have SuperSpyX!
    I think that SuperSpyX's Nintendo DS Lite is awesome. The model has a lots of details, and the colour scheme matches it . The model is very original from the others, which is good. I think that it was built in a very creative way. Good job SuperSpyX!

    Closely followed by SuperSpyX,. in second place is C…

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    February 11, 2011 by Agent Charge

    Message recording from Agent Charge, beep, beep, beep, start message.

    I am sorry for all the arguments and comments on "The Army of Amset Ra sign ups". When i joined brickipedia at the end of december 2009 I used to come on brickipedia with an excitement that seemed to come up in me, I tried to make articles much better, that was my main focus as well as to have fun. But the Achievement badges made me want to get more points and be the "top" brickipedian with the most points and for a while I succeeded for a while but now when you struggle to get more points the excitement of editing stops and seeing other users signing up on Agent Trace's blog and Amset Ra's blog you seem to think "Why did he join that one?" or "Yay he's with us!" Instea…

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    October 7, 2010 by Agent Charge

    What do think of the new theme of NINGAGO?

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