Chase Production first Contest is here! To enter, you have to make up script for a Brickfilm story that is completely original. It has to be a complete story, nothing left out. The Rules are:

  • 1: It has to be completely original.
  • 2: It has to within my power to make it. (Meaning that I have the things I need to do it)
  • 3: There can be no Mature or bad content. (Including no blood)
  • 4: The Characters in the story must be easily customized if the characters are custom.
  • 5: The script must be in good reading order and perfectly understandable.

The prize will be an award you can put on your user page and haveing your Brickfilm story made into a real Brickfilm!

All Entries must be received by July 15. The winner will be decided on July 25. To enter, put your complete script on my talkpage or a blog before July 15.

Good Luck! Sincerely, Agent Chase: Founder of Chase Productions

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