I made this blog post about the new looks because I absolutely hate what Wikia has done–at least with the new editing look and the replacement of Monaco.

Monaco was my favourite look out of MonoBook, Monaco and the new look. When I heard that Monaco was going to be deleted, I tried the new look and I hated it. It looked terrible, the toolbar was on the opposite side, and the icon up in the top left hand corner was gone. MonoBook was even worse! It didn't have the bar I was used to, and using either look, it seemed that Brickipedia had (sort of) lost its appeal. I did get used to it, but now, Wikia has changed the look yet again! It still looks the same from the outside, but when you get into the editing of a page, it looks disgusting! I vastly preferred the old one, which has the category-adding, the preview and publish buttons, and the summary at the bottom, and the features bar and the template bar at the top. Now, they have changed it to all the buttons and bars at the right side, and they have also made it so it looks like the rich text editor (which I try never to use). I hope they bring it back soon.

End of Rant 1 by Agent Fuse

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