Hello all, just thought I'd post a blog here on Brickipedia.

This last summer marked our most active time period yet. We had, on average, over 150 people contributing at least five content edits every month. That's pretty impressive.

We are now moving into a less active time, and it's going to get worse. If you think you're seeing less people around - you are. We will most likely drop to somewhere around 100 active users here during winter months. Perhaps lower. Don't worry about it, the wiki isn't falling apart. It just means that the irregular users have left and the admins are doing all the work now :P

The QCG people really need help. If you want to do something, help with the GA/FA noms. Maybe even try some content improvement, nominate articles for classes and join the QCG - we need QCG members more than admins right now. Hopefully, NXT's lovely rating extension will help make this easier too.

Images! Don't forget to categorize them! And license :D

Other than that, expect further reduced activity from me. Have a good day. ajr 13:05, September 12, 2012 (UTC)