Flappy decided to go back on an adventure after a month of tearful dreads, he was happy after that. July 21st, Flappy went home after the cave of wishing spells that creep you out and make you be locked in forever and you could never break free from the spell, Flappy had broke out. Flappy was home than looked out for the news-paper. He grabbed it and saw across the street that the house that Loopy lived in was gone and a person named, " Jake Hades " was in the house, Flappy came to check over and he was happy the bully, " Loopy " was gone, he went in his robe greeting him, they became friend's. Call me Hades, said Jake Hades. Hades went with Flappy, so Flappy greeted the others to Hades. They said, Hi. They were the best's friend's for life, Flappy said to them, " Call me Joker for now on, no more Flappy! ". They agreed, they all wanted a name swap so they argued for over 3 Hour's. Joker ended this at once, this is it, now STOP FIGHTING!, said Joker. Hades agreed for life and this ended. Hades was going to move but decided to stay for life.

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