Chapter 1

Bob Bricks woke up in the morning, got some tea and went back up to bed. Than, while Joker was drinking tea trying some Karate while Master Spectra was watching Tee-Vee. We were all bored wondering what to do, Joker on the other hand loved playing with his Katana although he cut his torso open once and was in the E.R. also known as the Emergency Room for 1 Minute and that was weird, ha-ha! Legoisawesome decided to go and check on Bob and he was just yawning and sighing all day long, Hades came and said to come look at this cave he found! They all came to look and they went a treasure hunt, they jumped down and went for a look out. Joker waited at the end saying, " COME ON, THIS WAY! ". It was weird though, this was no cave, it was, " The Runes " that appears each year at a secret house, they had entered the entrance and the door didn't open back up. They were stuck down their, Legoisawesome stepped on a trap and they Knotted him back down so he wasn't stuck. Joker found some weapons. They all picked them up and some zombie's popped up. They had to shoot as fast as they can or they're goners.

Chapter 2

LSC was found in an entrance trying to blow up a fuse with all this fuss about something getting in are way. Br1ck An1mator tried to animate the brick into it's normal size so all the zombie's that had green on them were jailed. We just remembered that Legoisawesome had green on and he was stuck in the cage and was ate alive and he's now from the undead! Clone Gunner Commander Jedi pulled a switch and called for back-up on his Clones & Gunner's, they were all in their, surrounded by Zombie's! MythRun grabbed his knights and they fought for a historic day, that was over though! CM4S, MythRun's Apprentice other-wise came to the room and saved him by a shot of zombie's in a row that almost went to MythRun! CJC95 grabbed some help after all the back-up. Joker found a secret tunnel that they ran in and found millions of Mini-Gun's that shot LEGO Bricks, they used them as hard as they could with-out non-stop losing. LUWikiBot arrived with the anti-gravity chamber ship that zombie's would die if go in, they were in and Joker and the rest were saved! They went home for another experience. Joker said sadly, " I miss Legoisawesome, too bad he was ate alive ". Somebody rang the door-bell and their he was, Legoisawesome, survived than he bit LSCSleathNinja and he had to go the emergency room as fast as he could!

Chapter 3


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