He-Man is waiting for the cross-over. He has lost his power's from Gray-Skull of the Evil and mighty Skeletor, what will Teela do to stop it? Teela pulled the trigger and a force of rushing goop came out threw the wavy mix, He-Man came out of it as-well and Skeletor was in a bit of a rush before he could have seen it to his eye's when they fainted in a mix of glassing juice and he has no eye's! He-Man had lost his talking power's and so has Teela King Randor had said, " We love you Son, we hope you talk again, soon! ". Man-At-Arms went to check on Prince Adam. Should we tell them, said Man-At-Arms. Prince Adam Responded Furiously, " No, they might be whacked out! ". Prince Adam went to Castle Gray-Skull and said, " By the power of Gray-Skull, I have the POWER!!! ", he zapped Cringer and he became the might, " Battle-Cat, he growled. Their they went quietly for the chamber of dune's where the voice of doom was, he opened it up. Their was a huge noise with a huge thing popping out of goop, it was a cute monster. Battle-Cat growled. Why that's a nice fellow, said He-Man. Than the cute monster smashed him and turned large, he crashed the sentence and had to turn into a monster but he couldn't, the little monster turned back into the goop and was goop and goop. He-Man found an Amulet and a note saying, " Put this on Battle-Cat/Cringer. It was put on, something suspicious came out....

Part 2 - Coming Soon

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