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  • My occupation is buying,building and collecting LEGO!
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  • Ambrose4803

    i have found preliminary pics of LOTR 2013! Heres the link to them [1]

    The wizard battle: It seems to be a small set with a platform with a palantir. It comes with gandalf the grey and Saruman!!!!!!

    The council of elrond: a bigger lego set with a few arches and a table. It comes with 4 minifigures which i cant really make out, although it seems that it comes with Arwen and Frodo.

    Battle at the black gate: probably the best lego set of the wave. It comes with what looks to be aragorn, gandalf the WHITE, two orcs and...get ready......THE MOUTH OF SAURON. thats right, it comes with a mouth of sauron minifigure on horseback! The black gate looks very good also.

    Pirate ship ambush: a 3-sailed pirate ship which comes with 9 minifigures, aragorn, leg…

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  • Ambrose4803

    ninjago idea

    July 16, 2012 by Ambrose4803

    here is an idea for ninjago i made

    Lord garmadon is sick of not geting rid of the ninja so he uses his golden mega weapon to make a new serpentine tribe. The new serpentine tribe is far more stonger than any of the other tribes, even the anacondrai. They have all the powers of the other tribes and a few of their own unique powers, like at the tip of their tails they have a sharp blade that they can stab their victims with and they can become intangible (i have not thought of a name for them, so maybe someone can suggest one)

    mean while skales and the other generals have found a weak pythor and they decide to bring him back to full health. When they heal him, skales says in return for him healing him pythor had to be skales second-in-command.…

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  • Ambrose4803

    i'm just wandering, are they going to add more minecraft lego sets? because they could add alot more stuff, perhaps a Nether set with a ghast figure some zombie pigman and blazes.Or maybe an End set with endermen and an enderdragon. i don't think they should only release one set or that would be bad

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  • Ambrose4803

    apparently, ninjago is ending in 2013 as it says on the 2013 page, because some employee guy said so and apparently there will be some new replacement theme that will probably suck and no one will like......great question....why?

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  • Ambrose4803


    April 12, 2012 by Ambrose4803

    i have to leave the wiki everyone.........problems in life and bye everyone. Here are some acknowledgement

    CP- thanks for being nice to me and stuff, even know you just banned me from chat

    Racelord- being nice aswell

    thats about it......


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