i have found preliminary pics of LOTR 2013! Heres the link to them [1]

The wizard battle: It seems to be a small set with a platform with a palantir. It comes with gandalf the grey and Saruman!!!!!!

The council of elrond: a bigger lego set with a few arches and a table. It comes with 4 minifigures which i cant really make out, although it seems that it comes with Arwen and Frodo.

Battle at the black gate: probably the best lego set of the wave. It comes with what looks to be aragorn, gandalf the WHITE, two orcs and...get ready......THE MOUTH OF SAURON. thats right, it comes with a mouth of sauron minifigure on horseback! The black gate looks very good also.

Pirate ship ambush: a 3-sailed pirate ship which comes with 9 minifigures, aragorn, legolas, gimli, THE DEAD KING! 2 dead soldiers and 3 orcs!

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