I have just been on the toysrus website and I have found out stuff. Like

* there are 5 different tribes of snake men (each representing the 5 snake staffs) they are, the Fangpyre tribe (no that is not the name of the 2 headed snake minifigure, his name is Fangtom), the Hypnobrai tribe, the Venomari tribe and the Constrictai tribe. The fifth tribe is yet unknown because there are only 4 differant snake staffs in this wave, which probably means there will be another wave containeing the next tribe and snake staff

  • In the set description for the rattle copter, it says that Lloyd Garmadon is trying to steal one of the snake staffs and kai has to save him.

  • The blue cobra minifigure who comes with destiny's bounty and cole's tread assault is named "Skales"

If you dont believe me then go to [1], then click on the new sets and scroll down to see their description.

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