I love the new 2012 sets, i think that the snake men is a great idea. I have lots of hopes for the future waves, so here they are:

  • i think there will be 5 snake generals, each representing their tribe of snake man, the two generals released so far is general Fangtom and general Skales, fangtom being the general of the fangpyre snake tribe and skales being the general of the hypnobrai snake tribe, so i hope their will be a orange snake general for the constrictai tribe and a blue, purple and lime green general for the venomari snake tribe.
  • there is 5 snake staffs, and only 4 have been seen so far, so i'm hoping that the upcoming staff will have a electric-purple jewel on it, and the snakes representing that staff will be able to fire venomous-electric bolts or something (just an idea)
  • there will probably, if not certainly be a green ninja
  • i hope that there will be an awesome looking snake king

Feel free to comment on my ideas

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