here is an idea for ninjago i made

Lord garmadon is sick of not geting rid of the ninja so he uses his golden mega weapon to make a new serpentine tribe. The new serpentine tribe is far more stonger than any of the other tribes, even the anacondrai. They have all the powers of the other tribes and a few of their own unique powers, like at the tip of their tails they have a sharp blade that they can stab their victims with and they can become intangible (i have not thought of a name for them, so maybe someone can suggest one)

mean while skales and the other generals have found a weak pythor and they decide to bring him back to full health. When they heal him, skales says in return for him healing him pythor had to be skales second-in-command. pythor has to agree (though he is quite angry about it).

lord garmadon gives instructions to kill the ninja to the very-powerful new serpentine general (have not thought of a name for him either). But the general defies lord garmadon. instead he, and the rest of the new serpentine tribe, go to a secret city. the general contacts the other serpentine to meet him there.

meanwhile the other serpentine generals, who's base is the serpentine bus, get the signal. They go to the secret city which is on an island so they get fangtom to bite an old boat, which turns into a serpentine boat. when they get to the city, theres a giant serpentine gathering with all the tribes there. The new serpentine general, which is the most powerful snake, declares himself "snake emperor" and they all agree.

meanwhile an angry lord garmadon says he will kill the ninja and all the serpentine

to be continued....

sorry about typos im doing this on an ipad it's harder to do than a normal computer

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