• Arc comander Jim

    This is a topic on eurobricks so lets make one here

    Sor here what yoou do: You put in the comments the set you bought and you can recomend it if you wnat and if it is a collectbale minifigure say which ones you got

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  • Arc comander Jim

    Should this wiki have a read more feature like other wikis?

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  • Arc comander Jim

    What minifig do cusyom the most or like to custom the most? Mine is th clone trooper (phase 1 CW)

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  • Arc comander Jim

    what do you prefer to call this minifugre: . Horn comany trooper like me. Or Clone comander like lego Or even now Clone commander Gree like User:SKP4472

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  • Arc comander Jim

    Petion for LOTR

    March 17, 2011 by Arc comander Jim

    Put in the comments if you Want a LOTR theme, I mean lots of us want one

    • Great new minifigs
    • Plenty of sets to be made
    • Viedo game oppertunnitys
    • New hobbits film soon
    • The design is exellent
    • They already have existing designs for this possible theme
    • Higest grossing filim trioldy in history
    • it will be amazing, new hobbit, orc, knight minifigs
    • each film was nominated for best picture and many other academy awards, Fellowship of the Ring won 6/13 nominations, Two Towers won 2/6 nominations, and Return of the King won 11/11 nominations

    • Lcience fee
    • will be forced to stop kingdoms like pirates was stoped for POTC

    • shelobs lair
    • attck of Isengard
    • Gondor citadel
    • Wraith attack
    • Bilbos party
    • Helms deep

    • Arc comander Jim
    • Lego lord
    • The caveman
    • Darth Henry
    • Agent Trace
    • Tahu97
    • Comandeā€¦

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