Put in the comments if you Want a LOTR theme, I mean lots of us want one


  • Great new minifigs
  • Plenty of sets to be made
  • Viedo game oppertunnitys
  • New hobbits film soon
  • The design is exellent
  • They already have existing designs for this possible theme
  • Higest grossing filim trioldy in history
  • it will be amazing, new hobbit, orc, knight minifigs
  • each film was nominated for best picture and many other academy awards, Fellowship of the Ring won 6/13 nominations, Two Towers won 2/6 nominations, and Return of the King won 11/11 nominations


  • Lcience fee
  • will be forced to stop kingdoms like pirates was stoped for POTC

Ideas for sets

  • shelobs lair
  • attck of Isengard
  • Gondor citadel
  • Wraith attack
  • Bilbos party
  • Helms deep

The members

  • Arc comander Jim
  • Lego lord
  • The caveman
  • Darth Henry
  • Agent Trace
  • Tahu97
  • ComanderAero
  • Makuta Tarkairadan
  • SilverLego
  • LorenzoTheComic
  • Krazykill9
  • Agent Swipe
  • Fudgepie
  • Legoguy2805
  • Thelegofreak20
  • Cligra
  • Vegeta114

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