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Well, I guess I need to get into the fad. I got this idea from Kahuka, a brilliant idea that is very fun (for me, at least.) I also got some inspiration due to the fact Agents is coming back.


  • Users will be killed. Yes, characters will be allowed to be killed off, but you need to get their permission first, unless you are that character.. Suicide is fun!
  • Users will be jailed. As this is an Agents thing, there's lots of jailing. Bad guys using hostages, agents capturing bad guys. Yeah. Breakouts are also allowed. :P
  • Godmodding will not be allowed. Making yourself invincible isn't fun. You gotta make bad things happen to you to make it more entertaining!
  • Villains other than Inferno's dudes are allowed. Just read this. You can make your own bad guys!
  • Users must have permission to make stories about other characters. This is something that's bothered me in some roleplays. When you're making a story that only focuses on the character of someone else, you should get their permission, and talk about the story. Collaboration is one of the main things about roleplays that we need to remember.
  • References to outside themes are allowed. Yeah. You read it. Not really space, though, too futuristic. (Though you can make cameo stuff.) Oh, and references to non-LEGO things are also allowed. Falls under the same rules as the rules for outside themes.
  • Don't have a fit. I want users to have fun doing this! Don't bother other users for something, it makes them feel bad about themselves. And if they're breaking a rule, that's for me to deal with.
  • Connect the dots. When making stories, I advise that you try connecting dots between different stories. Maybe they do have things in common.
  • Users must introduce themselves. Before you make any story, you must introduce yourself in those sign-up-things. And you should also make sure to make stories, too. If you only sign up, not much will probably happen to your character.


  • User:Awesomeknight1234
  • Name: Agent Knight
  • Appearance: Mutt William's hair. Stubbed face. Sunglasses. Suit and tie with long coat or Agent's outfit.
  • Personality: Like the rest of the Knights.
  • Organization: International Terrorism Counteraction (ITC)
  • Rank: Weapons specialist
  • Some background info: Descendent of Sir Knight of Morcia. I've been part of the agency for about a decade. I had to leave my friends and family for it, as information from the agency must be kept classified. I know all the weapons and develop new weapons. I drink a lot of beer, as most of my ancestors do. I was part of the team when Dr. Inferno was not in jail.

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