So, a few days ago in chat, I realized that Chima could be changed to be more like real life, but I don't think you'll see much of a change in this.

  • Ravens and Furty = Shady drug dealers
  • Eagles = Communist society
  • Gorillas = Hippies that take a lot of Chi
  • Lions = Police
  • Wolves = Rednecks who make fried eagles chicken
  • Beavers = Working class
  • Rhinos = Jocks who skip school
  • Bears = Drunks
  • Laval = Dork in school, says Chi is bad because his dad is a cop, takes Chi anyway
  • Lagravis = Commissioner Gordon
  • Crocodiles = A criminal gang
  • Crooler = Sells orchids with drugs hidden in them, dragging costumers mindlessly into her swamp
  • One Fabulander = Walter White

If you have any ideas for the list, please comment.

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