Note that I am not saying Ninjago is better than Chima, Ninjago and Chima are both equally crappy. :P

You've heard the Great Story, right? Well, Lagravis actually did not tell the story the way that it really happened. So first, there was this land called Ninjago. You've heard of it, I know that you have. So anyways, there were ninjas snake-people and weirdos with four-arms. Then Garmadon was turned into a four-armed Croc by the Overlord. *Insert clip when Garmadon turns into the humanoid lizard.* Then, the Fangpyre came and bit everything for no reason. *Insert clip when Fangpyre turn Jay into a snake.* And that's how the animals came to be. A day later, they found those plants in the swamp place that act like balloons. They opened them, and because they were full of helium, their voices became high-pitched. *Insert clip when a wolf's balloon pops and gives Cragger and Crooler high-pitches.* So, yeah, that's why they all sound like kids. Anyways, move along. Their lives were useless. They had nothing to do. Then some animals went and mixed some crap together to make these drugs that make you high and also act like steroids. *Insert scene from Fabuland when some animal is mixing stuff in a pot. (I'm sure there's a scene with that.)* They called these drugs Chi. They distributed it a lot. *Insert scene with Lagravis giving Chi to random animals.* It became very popular and everyone started taking it. Strangely enough, it was not illegal. The kings of Chima later decided that they were bad for children, and could only be taken in "the age of becoming". *Insert scene when Lagravis talks about the age of becoming.* The animals also became lazy and decided not to walk. They went over to Ice Planet 2002, killed everyone there, and took their snowmobiles. (That's why Chima used to be called Polar XXpress.) And that, kiddies, is how Chima ACTUALLY became how it is today.

Oh, and they also have this really good Brazilian Steakhouse, you should go there.

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