Okay, so most of you know Max's interview with LG? It happened to be copied from But anyways, I was inspired to make my own interview. Anyways:
Knight: Welcome, Mallock the Mallign!
Mallock: Thank you.
Knight: So, first, I would like to ask you, what type of magic do you study?
Mallock: Well, the magic I use is "Necromancy" which is magic to bring back the undead.
Knight: What methods do you use to bring back the dead?
Mallock: I use a bit of lightning on dead warriors, so that's a bit of lightning magic, too...
Knight: Interesting... Do you mind telling me where you learned this magic?
Mallock: It's been a long time... I forget...
Knight: Did you forget because you're crazy?
Mallock: NO! I AM NOT CRAZY!
*Mallock lifts Knight with magic.*
Knight: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Didn't you promise we would fight later?
*Mallock drops Knights.*
Knight: Also, I would like to ask, why did you get your best friend Ortnalic to capture me?
Mallock: We are not friends! I just pay him gold so he will help me with his trolls...
Knight: How much gold you got?
Mallock: Why should I tell you? You'll want to steal it...
Knight: You're one to talk about stealing... Anyways, why do you capture princesses?
Mallock: Because I'm lonely.
*Knight facepalms.*
Knight: You know what? This interview is over, goodbye.
Anyways, who do you think I should interview next?

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