Okay, so I know a few users have left and Brickimedia was destroyed due to hacking assholes, but that does NOT mean that we need to stay here. We've had our time to be sad, and we needed it, but it's now time to regain our strength. There's users like NXT who will try to rebuild and say, "We can do it again". We've done it before, so we can do the same thing. This time with more backup plans. And Ajr, if you think we will lose users, yes, that's true. We'll have good users that make good edits, though, and we would gain users over the years. Brickipedia started as nothing. Only Darth Smith editing, but more people came. The same will be with Brickimedia. Same with every over LEGO fan site that was made. Our pride in Brickimedia was made months ago, and nothing can destroy it. And Sannse, don't yell at me for bringing up the spirits of the movers. We've made our decision. This will still be popular, I know it, so don't worry. We will be less rude to you this time, but you need to understand that we'll still need some time to discuss the move here. Now, if you're still sad that some users left, or you're sad that we were destroyed. It does not matter. The users who left said they'd return if Brickimedia was made again. And if you're scared we'll be destroyed when we rebuilt, like before, you're also wrong. We will make sure to make more backup plans. Although I can't help make the site, I hope you all thank me for the support I've given you.

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