(Blog may contain some swears, so please, if you do not like to read swears, you don't have to read this.) Yes, I am leaving. Not from the community, but from Wikia. They have crossed the line over the past days, and I'm through with them. I will probably be globally blocked and this blog will be closed, but I don't give a shit. Wikia could have been fair about this and let us discuss some more before we move again, but they only take into account money. Because they are a business. Those greedy assholes care nothing about our problems. Well, I don't care. Sannse, do whatever you want. You're not going to gain more community. People who were going to stay now sort of agree you're being an evil tyrant. I'm leaving, I'm done with you. Now, for users who are worried about me leaving. Don't be. I may still chat in Brickimedia, but I will absolutely talk to people on ROBLOX. Even if you don't have an account or downloaded it, you only need an account to talk to me. My username is the same as here. And people who want to see my customs, I have a Brickshelf account, and I'm thinking of getting a MOCPages account. I will never leave your sides people, and I will completely talk to you. And when Brickimedia is back, I will be sure to be there.

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