Well, there's been some new Ninjago and Chima news, I'll start with Ninjago.


Uh-oh, looks like Zane is upgrading the ninjas (either that, or he's deleting them.) Recently, a picture of a Cyberninja (Nindroid) has been leaked from eBay. A black Nindroid, with this cool mask. He has really cool parts, and I look forward to him. And I suspect that there will be a red Cyberninja, a green Cyberninja, a blue Cyberninja, and Zane. Do you think there will be Cyberdragons? Cybersensei? And maybe a Cybergarmadon? I'm hoping that they will spread and have to rip out the brains of the ninja to upgrade them. :3 But whatever.

UPDATE Nope, they're all black. :( It would be better if they were all the colors of the other ninja. Still no Zane. New Kai hair! :D And this Overborg guy, makes me think of the Borg from Star Trek (no, I do not watch Star Trek.) I think the Cybermen would still be a better inspiration for the Nindroids.


Uh, there's spiders and there's Scorpions. The spiders look like a spider version of G'Loona and Dock Ock, don't forget the grass skirt, and the Scorpions look like Venomari with a scorpion tail.

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