Well, looking at blogs these days, I realized they're being too repetitive. Only Sig-Figs, Boup blogs, and attempts to make community-wide loved phenomenons like Boup. But I think, these blogs are getting boring, and we haven't seen a building contest in a while. I haven't done one, either, not after the whole RoTK contest that was getting a lot of attention. So, I'm deciding to do a contest on popular TV shows. Yes, they can be any TV show that you like. :P Get creative!


  • This is a contest on TV shows, not movies.
  • Cannot be based on LEGO shows.
  • Cannot be fannon.
  • Must be a whole set and not just a minifigure.
  • Cannot be a stolen creation.
  • Can be on LDD or real life.
  • Can be from a project you've been working on.
  • Cannot be based off more than one show, even if they're successors/predecessors or spinoffs.

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